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Conflict view of education
education maintains social mequality
Cultural capital
cultural knowledge and verbal ability
ex:SAT questions
employers raise degree requirements
-serve as social screening function
3 ways education maintains social class difference:
1. economic disparities between school commonities.
2. Tracking- sorting students intro curriculum groupds
ex: college prep, vocational, honors
working class students are placed in vocational tracks
3rd way education maintains social class difference:
Public vs. Private schooling
good: selective, more resources, safer, smaller classrooms, higher standards, focus on edu, discipline, alumni connections.
What way is most important for education to maintain social classs difference?
Teacher expectancy effect
A teacher expectations may affect the student's actualy performance
Rist research on education
informal tracking begins as early as kindergaten
ex: seperate work table
Nuclear family:
Extended family:
-Married couple and their children
- relatives in addition to parents and children live @ home.
Different forms of marriage
monogamy: n one man & one woman married to each other.

serial monogamy: a person has several spouses during life.

polygamy:several husbands, wives @ same time.
man has multiple wives
woman has multiple husbands
marrying within a group
ex: jews marrying other jews
marrying outside certain group
(requirement) ex: incest taboo
marriage between people with similar social characteristics
marriage between people with diff. characteristics
What percent of population get married at least once?
Anna- extreme isolation
born out of wedlock
kept in atti
survived on cows milk
@age ten she had mental level of a two and a half year old
Isabelle- Extreme Isolation
spent time with mom who was a deaf mute
in 2 years she covered stages of learning that normally required 6 years.