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what is the hewbrew bible
first 5 books in the bible. old testament. Hewbrew part
what is the pentateuch
first 5 books in the bible
name the books in the Pentateuch
1genesis and 2exodus 345
what are some of the main themes of the book of Genesis
noah and the arch
creation- garden of eden
Kane and able
what are some of the main themes of the book of Exodus
Moses-burning bush
freedom from slavery
giving law
god saving Gods people
what are the Histories
history of people and kings of Israel
What are the prophets
spoke the word of god
1 Elijah, 2 Jerimah, 3 Isaiah 4 Daniel 5 John the Baptist 6
what are the Psalms
songs or poems about god full of emotion
what is the New Testament
Jesus is in it. christian part of it New convient
What does "gospel" mean
good news
what does "epistle" mean
who wrote many of the Epistles
Identify Eve
first girl- adam and eve
Garden of eve

Identidy Abraham
Father of faith, patriarch

Identify David
king. Gods favorite king

1st and 2nd Samual Histories
idendify solomon
King. son of David. asked for wisdom; was given wisdom
idendify Jonah
Swallowed by a fish/whale dissagreed with God
Book of Jonah
idendify Isaiah
big prophet most influencial prophet
Book of Isaiah
idendify Gabriel
Angel. Told mary she was pregnant with Jesus

Gospel of Luke
idendify herod
Bad king. creep. killed jesus. Gospel of Luke
idendify Lazarus
best friend of Jesus(in real life) jesus brought him back from the dead.
idendify Mary (2)
Mary Magalin- jesus's best friend

Mary- mother of God
idendify Pontius Pilate
Govoner of Judeah
All gospels
What are some titles we use for Jesus, what do they mean?
the good shepard- take care of sheep and humans
the way the truth the life- follow 10 commandments and bible, vocation, faith, the truth about god
the Lamb- Because he was sacrificed
the son- jesus christ- god- holy trinity
The savior- saved people from sin
bread of life-
2nd adam-
The christ- the Missiah
The healer- he healed people
Son of man-
Great High priest-
the resurrection and the life-
the word-
who are the Apostles
close friends of jesus
what is the difference between Apostles and Disciple
apostles- friends of Jesus
Desciples- followers
What was the early church like
prusecuted for believing
penticost- event
spread miricles, radical charitys
church cousils resolve thrological differences
in what book of the bible would you look for information about the early church
acts of apostles
who was the makor political figure who made the church the religion of the state?
when did this happen and how did this change affect the church?
constantine 313 expanded- more formal, structured
more official than passionate
what is reformation
attempt to clean up after the corruption of the church
who was the major architect of the reformation and when did it happen
Martin luther 1530
what major slogan in lation, of the reformation. what does it mean
sola scriptura
only scipture

doctrine pergatory
only thing you can find can be taight in the scriptures
what does "protestant" mean
are Episcopalians protestants
how did the church of england come to separate from the church in rome
king henry the 8th wanted a divorce the pope said no he did it anyway and got kicked out
what does Anglican mean
did the Anglican church intend to split from Catholicism
what was the Elizabethan settlement about
moderating between protestant and catholic
normal church without pope
protestant- holding onto scripture
catholic- catholic sacraments
who was richard hooker
architect of common prayer
what does "lex orandi, lex credendi" mean
we pray is what we believe
what is the Anglican Communion
community of English/ Anglican churches all over the world
What is a bishop
a shepard
what do Bishops do and why do we believe them to be important
authority in church, apostolic succession
what is General Convention
every 3 years meet up and talk about important issues in the church 2 houses, house of bishops and house of deputies
what is the major book, besides the bible, that joins Anglicans and Episcopalians worldwide?
the book of common prayer
ideas church came up with
95 theses
martin luthor wrote- things to reform chuch- got him kicked out
Started lutheran
where do we find the stories of Jesus' life
new testament- gospels
where do we find stories about the meaning of jesus
apostolic succestion
apostle progression- progression of laying hands on the head- from the disciples