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Albany Congress - 1754, NY
Meeting between American colonies and Iroquois in preparation for war with France; Franklin presented a plan of union for the colonies
First Continental Congress - 1774, PN
Issued Declaration of Rights and Grievances; established Continental Association, protected by Committees of Safety
Second Continental Congress - 1775-1777, PN
Drafted DEclaration of Independence; wrote Articles of Confederation
Annapolis Convention - 1786, MD
Decided the convention's powers were too limited to make needed changes in commerce laws, so i called for a convention in Philadelphia to ammend Articles of Confederation
Constitutional Convention - 1787, PN
Framed new Constitution; elected Washington
Hartford Convention - 1814-1815, CT
NE Federalists, opposed to the War of 1812, proposed constitutional amendments, including 2/3 majority vote for war or new states and a 1 term presidency; disbanded with Treaty of Ghent
Harrisburg Convention - 1827, PN
Discussed Tariff of Abominations; dominated by textile industry
Seneca Falls Convention - 1848, NY
Adopted Declaration of Sentiments for women's rights
Hamtpon Roads Conference - 1865, VA
Lincoln and Seward (Union) met with Stephens, Campbell, and Hunter (Confederate) aboard the River Queen but reached no agreement on ending the Civil War
Atlantic Charter - 1941, Newfoundland
Roosevelt and Churchill expressed poswar aims, including right of self-determination
Casablanca - 1843, Morocco
Roosevelt and Churchill decided to follow up African campagin with a Mediterranean campaign rather than immediate attack on Germany
Cairo - 1943, Egypt
Roosevelt, Churchill, and CHiang discussed WWII Pacific THeater
Tehran - 1943, Iran
Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin discussed WWII and postwar plas; Stlain's first appearance at a conference
Dumbaraton Oaks - 1944, DC
US, China, Britain, and USSR outlined plan for UN
Bretton Woods - 1944, NH
Also United Nations Monetary and Financial Conference; 44 nations established IMF and International Bank for Reconstruction and Decelopment
Yalta - 1945, Ukraine
Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin met; agreed on reparations, partition of German, and that the USSR would join the war on Japan
United Nations Conference on Internation ORganizaion - 1945, SF
established UN
Potsdam Conference - 1945, Germany
Implemented Yalta decisions; issued ultimatum to Japan; Stalin, Truman, and Chuchill