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This condition is when a group of diseases is characterized by uncontrolled cell proliferation
This condition is when there is a spread of cancer to surrounding tissues (local) or to other body sites ( distant). The spread is by migrating by way of lymphatic or blood vessels
This condition is characterized by a structural change in the tissues caused by injury or disease
Common skin lesions
This condition is one of the most common dematological disorders. It may be caused by skin disorders, systemic disorders, psychogenic factors, or allergic reactions
This condition when there is an infestation o fparasites that burrow and crawl under the skin's surface
A client comes in and explains she has a condition that is characterized with tissue damage caused by excessive heat, electricity, radioactivity, or corrosive cheimcals. She has an
This condition is when there is growthof new bone tissue in and around a fractured area, ultimately replaced by mature bone. There is also an acquired localized thickening
A client comes in with a thin to thick fibrous tissue that replaces normal skin following injury or laceration to the dermis. He has
This condition is when there is an inflammation of sebaceous glands and when the sebaceous glands grow in size and increase their production of sebum
You are working on a client and notice red or silvery white streaks on the skin surface. They apper to be small tears in the dermis that may have been caused by the extreme weight gain she had during her pregnancy. She has
This condition is when thre is any break, chip, crack, or rupture in a bone. There are common types simple, open, and stress
A client reports that over the weekend she and an itchy, swollen lesion that lasted only a few hours. She had
You are working on a clients's back and notice a round, flat area of pigmented skin. It is a yellowish-brown color. He has a
A client has chapped and cracked skin. You should
Avoid all massage techniqaues and applications of topical preparations
This condition is when the legs are bent toward the midline- an increased space between the knees due to a lateral angulation of the legss relative to the thigh
Bowlegs (Genu Varum)
This condition is when the liegs are ben outward- decreased space between the knees and increased space between the ankles due to medial angualtion of the legs in relation to the thigh
Knock knee(Genu valgus
This condition is when there is angulation of the great toe away from the midline of the body
Hallux valgus
This condition is when there is an incomplete fusion of the palatine processes of the maxillary bone during embryonic development. It may also invovle incomplete fusion of the horizontal plates of the palatine bones
Cleft palate
This conition is when there is a split in the upper lip
Cleft lip
A client comes in and states that they have been diagnosed with ___. They tell you they were hit in the nose during a rugby game and it was deflected laterally from the midline
Deviated septum
A client states that they went to their doctor because they were having pain in their foot. They were dignosed with ____ which is the result of weakened tendons and ligamenst that hold the bones composing the arch into position
Flat foot
This condition is when there is damage that will being to wear and may precipiate arthritis unless surgically removed. It is most common in knee, shoulder, elbow, ankle, and wrist
Torn cartilage
A client comes in and states that they have a sprain/strain of cervical spine and spinal cord at the junction of the fourth and fifth cervical vertebrae. It happened because of car accident where they were hit from behind and there was a rapid accelearation of the head and neck
This condition is when there is a ruptureof an intervertebral disc so that the nucleus pulposus protrudes into the vertebral cavity
Herniated disk
Your client comes in after plalying in a basketball tournament over the weekend. He fell hard on the floor hitting his shoulder. He explains that he has been diagnosed with _____ which is a displacement of a bone from a joint, with resultant tearing of ligaments, tendons, and articular capsules; usually caused by a blow or fall
Joint dislocation
Your client from #25 comes in again to see you at the end of basketball seson. He explains that he has had more shoulder problems throughout the season. He describes that his joint structure is simply being pulled and strectched,but the bone is not being displaced out of the joint capsule. He is describing
While on the table, your client suddenly grabs for their calf. He tells you that it got really tight and he experienced a painful spasmodic contraction. He experienced
This condition is when there is an increase in muscle tension with or without shortening, resuliting from excessive motor nerve activity, may result in a rigid zone ( i.e. knot). It cannot be alleviated by voluntary relaxation and is often associated with mineral deficiencey or muscle fatigue and is usually short lived
Your client comes in and said they have been working out really hard. They have been experiencing stiffness, tenderness,and swelling. They have
Delayed onset muscle soreness
You have been asked to work on a patient who has in a coma. While working on them, you notice a decrease in size of muscle fibers; a wasting away of muscles probably as result of poor nutrition,lack of use, motor unit dysfunction, or lack of motor nerve impulses. They have
This condition is an excessive enlargement or overgrowth of tissue without cell division
A client comes in and states that they are having pain in their elbow. While working, you find that all of their problem is around their lateral epicondyle and their extensor muscles. they probably have
Tennis elbow
A runner comes in and is having pain along his tibia. You work his anterior and posterior Tibailis muscles. He probably has
This condition is dysfuunctjion inthe fascial network that compromises the efficiency of the body requiring an increase in energy expenditure to achieve functioning ability. Fatigueand pain often result
Myofascial pain syndrome
This condition is an inflammation of conjunctiva; when caused by bacteria such as pneumococci, staphylococci, or hemophilus influenza, it is very contagious and more common in childern. It may also be casued by irritants,suchas dust,smoke, or pollutanats in the air, in which case it is not contagious
This condition is an eye disorder in which there is increase intraocular pressure due to an excess aaqueous humor
This conditionis an acuteinfection of the middle ear caused primarily by bacteria and associatedwith infections of the nose and throat. Symptoms include pain, malaise, fever, and a reddening and outward bulging of the eardrum, which way rupture unless prompt treatment is received
Otitis media
This condition is abnormal condition characterized by paralysis. The 3 common forms are bells, cerebral,and erb's
This condition is characterized by paralysis
This condition is a loss or impairment of motor funciton due to lesion of nervous or muscular origin
A client in and explains that they have had problems extending their wrist and fingers. They are experiencing
Wrist drop
A client comes in and states they are having trouble pointing their toes up towards the sky. They are experiencing
Foot drop
A client comes in and states they are having tingling in their lower extremities. Italso feels like they are walking on rock and the slightest pressure, like the weight of a sheet, bothers them. they also state that they are diabetic.they may have
This condition is common complication of childbirth and causes paralysis of adductor muscles of legs and loss of sensation over medial aspect of the thigh
Obturator nerve injury
This conditionis a mental disorder that results in permanent or pregressive general loss of intellectural abilites including impariment of memeory, judgment and abstract thinking along with changes in personality
This condition isa disorder in which a person repeatedly stopr breathing for 10 or more seconds while sleeping
Sleep apnea
This condition is characerized by two separate problems. One is chronic disorder characterized by self induced weigh tloss, negative perception of body impage and physiological. The second is a binge purge syndrome with overeating at least twice a week followed by pruging by self induced vomiting
Eating disorder
This condition is a mood disorder characterized by feelings of deep sadness, despair, perssimism, low self-esteem,withdrawal drom personal contact, decreased energy, and sleep and eating distrubances. It may delveop slowly or suddenly and may last a few days, weeks,or months
Depressive disorder
During a massage, a client tells you they arfe experiencing fluttering of the heart or abnormal rate or rhythm of the heart. The probably are experiencing
Heart palpitations
This condition is a common, often asymptomatic disorder of elevated blood pressure. With this condition, 140/90mm Hg is regarded as the threshold of hypertension,and 160/95mm Hg is classified as serious hypertension. If this condition is sustained,arterial walls become inelastic and resistant to blood flow and, as a result, the left ventricle may become enlarged to maintain normal circulation
This condition is thickening and loss of elasticity that leads to a hardening of the arterial wall
This condition is a condition of the blood in which the number of functional red blood cells or their hemoglobin content is below normal
This condition is a blood clot, bubble of air or fat form broken bones, mass of bacteria, or other debris or foreign material transported by the blood
This condition is a thrombus (blood clot) formaition in an unbrorken blood vessel, restriction blood flow. Some signs are heat, redness, pain and swelling
This condition is very low platelet count resulting in increased bleeding tendency
This condition is an inflammation of the bronchial mucosa that causes swelling of bronchial tubes and production of extra mucus. It is classified into tow different categories____ is caused by an upper respiratory tract infection resulting in a productive cough and high fever
Acute bronchitis
A client comes in and tellls you they have been diagnosed with a condition that is defined as an acute inflammation of the lmucosa of the upper respiratory tract, usually confined to the nose and throat. Symptoms include sneezing, excessivenasal secretion, dry cough and congestion. Complication include sinusitis, asthma, bronchitis, ear infections and laryngitis and may be accompained by fever
_____ has copious secretions of mucus with a productive cough that typically last 3 full months of the year for 2 sucessive years
Chronic bronchitis
A client comes in and tells you they have been diagnosed with a condition that is defined as a disorder that is characterized by chronic airway inflammation, airway hypersensitivity to a variety of stimuli and airway obstruction that is at least partially reversible either spontaneously or with treatment. Symptoms include difficult breathing, coughing, wheezing, chest tightness, tachycardia, fatigue, mosit skin, and anxiety
This condition is an inflammation of pleural membranes characterized by burning or stabbing pain during breathing
A client comes in and complains about having infrequent or difficulty defecating. You explain that this is caused by decreased motility of the intestines and becasue the feces remain in the colon for prolonged periods of time, excessive water absorption occurs, and the feces beceome dry and hard. You then tell the client that they are experiencing
A client comes in and complains about having an increase in the frequency, volume and fluid content of their feces. You explain that this is caused by increased motility of and decreased absorption by the intestines and if they experience it too frequently, it can lead to dehydration and electrolyte imbalance. You then tell the client that they are experiencing
This condition is characterized by inflammation of teh diverticula, or the saclike out-pouchings of the wall of he colon in places where the muscularies has become weak
This condition is characterized by air (gas) in the stomach or intestine, usually expelled through the anus. If the gas is expelled through the mouth it is called eructation or belching (burping)
A client comes in and complains about having a variety of symptoms related to the upper part of the gastrointestinal tract. They are experiencing
This condition is an inflammation of the liver that can be caused by viruses, drugs, and chemicals, including alcohol
_____ is caused by a virus and is spread via fecal contamination of objects such as food clothing toys, and eating utensils
Hepatitis A
Hepatitis E
_____ is caused by a virus and is spread primarily by sexual contact and contaminated syringes and transfusion equipment. It can also be spread via saliva and tears
Hepatitis B
Hepatitis C
Hepatits D
A client comes in and tells you they have been diagnosed with having dilagted or varicose ( enlarged and inflamed) blood vessels (usually veins) in the anal region. They have
While working on a client you notice they have a protrusion or projection around the abdominal cavity. You know that this is probably a part of an organ pushing through the membrane or cavity wall. You also know that the four common types are hiatal, inguinal, femoral and umbilical. They have
This condition is a type of chronic inflammatory bowel disease, and is an inflammation of the mucosa of the large intestine and rectum
Ulcerative colitis
A client comes in and states that he just found out that he has an abnormally low concentration of glucose inthe blood, probably resulting from excess insullin. He has been diagnosed with
This condition is a progressive and usually irreversibel decline in glomerular filtration rate
Chronic renal failure
This condition is an artifcial cleaning of the blood; the separtion of large solutes from smaller ones through use of a selectviely permeable membrane. This is neccessary when the kidneys are unable to function adequately because of disease or injury
This condition is an inherited disorder in which the kidney tubules become riddled with hundreds or thousands of cysts
Polycystic kidney disease
This condition is when a physical stressor increase the abdominal pressure, such as coughing, sneezing, laughing, exercising, pregnancy, or simply walking cause leakage of urine from the bladder
Stress incontinence
A client comes in and states that she has not had her period and she is having nausea, enlarging and tender breasts. She is also experiencing an increased heart rate, increased respiration, increased urination, heartburn, constipation, and increased perspiration.She is experiencing
This condition is enlargement of the prostate gland. It is common among men after age 50 and is usually progressive and can obstruct the urethra and interfere with the flow of urine
Benign prostatic hyperthrophy
This condition is a collective term for any extensive bacterial infection of he pelvic organs, especially the uterus, uterine tubes, or ovaries, which is characterized by pelvic soreness, lower back pain, abdominal pain, and urethritis
Pelvic inflammatory disease
This condition is when there is failure to maintain an erection long enough for sexual intercourse
Erectile dysfunction