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IBS Symptoms
Stool Frequency
Diarrhea and Constipation
Flatulence, bloating and distention
More common in women
IBS Causes 4
Stress and Anxiety
Hypersensitivity to intestinal distention
Hyperactivity of smooth muscle or nervous tissue
IBS Treatment Dietary 5
Increase fiber
Decrease fat
Bulking agents (psyllium)
Small frequent meals
IBS Pharmacotherapy 4
Diverticular Disease Charecteristics 3
Pebble sized herniations in the intestinal wall
Most often in sigmoid colon
Prevelence increase with age
Diverticular Disease Fiber 3
Low fiber increase intestinal pressure
Causes small areas to ballooon outward.
Inflammation and infection develops due to impacted feces
Disease that causes the diverticular polyps.
Inflammation of the diverticular polyps.
Treating Diverticulosis 3
Increase fiber
Bulk forming agents
Avoiding seeds and nuts
Treating Diverticulitis 4
Clear liqiuds to start then solid foods
Bowel rest in severe cases
Antibiotics and pain meds
Surgical interventions
A surgical procedure inwhich a stoma is formed from the final portion of remaining intestine.
Ileoanal reservoir surgery
Colon anf rectum removed
Pouch constructed from lover part of the ileum and attached to the anus
Stool does not leak and can be emptied by the patient
Diverticulisis Symptoms 3
Persistent abdominal pain
Alternating constipation and diarrhea
Continent ileostomy
Pouch is created similar to reservoir surgery except a tube is used to drain the pouch.
Not often used if sphincter is working.
Condtions requiring an ostomies 4
Chrohns and Colitis
Colorectal Cancer
Fluid and Lyte's in Ostomies
Removal of the Colon decreases the amount of fluid/lytes that can be absorbed
Stool consitency varies
- Small: little effect
- Large(ileostomy): liquid
Ostomies Nutrional Intervention 7
Clear liquids to low fiber diet( until healing occurs)
Dietary adjustments
Chew foods thoroughly
Sufficient amount of fluids
Avoid insoluable fiber
B12 injections as often required
High-fiber diet for colostomy patient
Ostomies Obstructions
Caused by foods that are incompletley digested
Cut food into small peices
Carefully chew food
Avoid difficult foods: corns popcorns, dried fruit, ect.
Ostomies Diarrhea Control 3
Improved by thickened diets (Brat)
Avoid aggravating foods (juices, coffee, fried foods)
Reducing Ostomy Odors
Aviod Gas causing foods
Avoid Unpleasant foods (garlics fish beans)
Foods that may reduce odors
Buttermilk parsley cranberry juice yogurt)
Lactose Intolerence
Symptoms following the intake of lactose
Lactase deficiency
lack of the enzyme or small amount.
Large polulation is lactase deficient but not intolerant (4-8oz glass of milk)
Lactase Activity 3
Highest at birth
Declines during childhoos to about 5-10%
Only 30% of the population retains the ability to digest latose
Lactose Intolerence Symptoms
Abdominal Discomfort
Lactose remians in the small intestine and increase osmotic pressure
Cause of Lactose Intolerence 6
Decline with age
Damage to the intestinal villi
Certain Meds
Prolonged diarrhea
Congenital (Born With)
Lactose is produced by the intestinal cells and is affected with intestinal conditions
Diagnosing Lactose Intolerence 3
Breath Hydrogen Test
Lactose intolerance test
Fecal Lactic Acid Test
Dietary Changes in Lactose Intolerence 4
Vitamins Deficiencies 3
Complete elimination of milk products
- Most can take 1/2 cup a day
Ability to adapt is cause by bacteria not enzymes.
Lactose Removed Products
Deficiencies Ca, D, Riboflavin
Medical Treament of Lactose Intolerence
Lactose enzymes products
Lactose is present in 20% of prescription drugs and 5% of OTC's