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Why is it important for PCPs to understand human behavior?
bc half of the mentally ill are only treated by PCPs
-the study of factors which influence the occurence and distribution of diseases
-the number of new individuals to get a disease in a given period of time divided by the total individuals at risk for the disease in the same time period
-the number of individuals in a pop. that have the disease divided by the total pop.
List the prevalence of the following disorders:
What disorders are women more susceptible to?
-mood and anxiety
-an association among two or more disorders
Biopsychosocial model for disease
-considers psychological and social factors in the predisposition, onset, course, treatment and outcome of disease
Illness behavior
-the ways that people respond to bodily symptoms
-the perceptions, attitudes and values that lead people to behave in particular ways in reference to their bodies
-state of poor health recognized by the afflicted person
What type of illness does the sick role apply to?
-only accute illnesses
How is mental health treatment cost effective?
-decreases the use of other medical services
-counseling facilitates earlier hospital discharge
-coping skills training can help patients change their unhealthy behaviors