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What does Article 1 do?
Sets out how Congress works
Article 1: Sec 2
House of Reps
a. [3] 3/5 clause said slaves counted as 3/5 of a person for purposes of representation
b. House has sole power of impeachment
Article 1 Sec 3.
a/ VP is presidentof senate, but doesn't vote unless there is a tie
b. Senate has power to try impeachment cases
Article 1: Sec 5
Power of Congress
1. Sets thier own rules of proceedings (filibusters)
2. Cannot simultaneously hold an executive office
3. Privileges: Immune from civil arrest, paid, absoulte freedom of speech on the floor of the House.
4. Originally elected by state legislators
a. 17th Amendment changed this to popular elections by districts w/in states
Article 1: Sec 7
How a bill becomes a law
1. Revenue bills start in House
2. Executive has a right to veto bill-must give written reason for veto
Article 1: Sec 8
General Powers of Congress (I.e. general federal powers)
1. To regulate commerce amoung the several states, w/ foriegn govs, and w/ Indain tribes
2. Power to collect taxes and coin money
3. [8] IP law
4. Declaring war, raising and supporting army.
5. [17] Exclusive legislation over DC
6. [18] power to make all laws necessary and proper to exercise the foregoing powers.
Aricle 1 Section 9
Limitations on Federal Power
1. cannot declare someone guilty w/out a trial
2. Various provisions on taxation
3. no nobility
Article 3: Sec 10
limitation on State Powers
1. No power in forgein affairs
Article II
Executive branch
Article II: Sec 1
1. Electoral college—each state chooses 2 electors, who each choose 2 people to be president and the person w/ majority becomes president and second-place is VP
a. This has been changed
2. President must be a natural-born citizen, at least 35 yrs old
3. If president dies, VP takes his place
4. Salary can’t change while in office
5. Takes oath to defend constitution
Article II: Sec 2: Executive POwers
1. Commander and chief of the military
2. Power to pardon
3. Power to make treaties
a. Requires approval from 2/3 of Congress
Article II: Sec 3
Stae of the Union requirement
Article II: Sec 4:
1. for treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.