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What are some reasons for using computers?
-it works faster than humans
-it is never tired or needs rest
-it stores large amounts of information in small spaces
A bit is...
A byte is...
8 bits
A kilo byte is...
1024 bytes - 2 to the power
of 10
What is software?
A set of instructions given by human
What is aplication Software?
Carries out a particular task
What is hardware?
Any part of a computer you can actually touch
What is a device?
An individual piece of hardware
What does basic hardware conist of?
Central processing unit(CPU) with input, output and backing storage devices
What is input?
The stage of computing where the main concern is getting the data needed by the program into the computer
Some examples of input deivces
Mouse, Keyboard, scanner
What is output?
When the computer produces the processed data as info in a form that is useful to the user,
Some output deivces
Screen, monitor, printer
What is processing?
When the computer follows the instructions using the data which has just been input.
What is data?
Any collection of numbers, characters or symbols that has been coded into a format that can be input in the computer and processed.
What is information?
Data which has been processed by the computer i takes on a context.
What is the CPU?
The Central Processing Unit is the 'brain' of the computer. It's where the data is sorted and the decision making happens.
What does the CPU contain?
Main Memory, ALU, Control Unit
What does the main memory do?
Holds the program instructions and data.
Types of memory chips?
What does the Control Unit do?
Fetches instructions from the main memor, it decodes them and lets them go through the ALU
What does the ALU do?
Performs claculations and makes decisions using the instructions.
What is backing Storage?
Used to store programs when the computer is switched off.
What are some examples of backing storage?
Floppy disk drives, magnetic tape drives, hard disks
What is RAM?
Random Acess Memory, it temperarily stores programs and data. The contents can be lost when the computer is turned off.
What is ROM?
Read Only Memory, stores the programs that run when the computer is on. Contents can't be changed or lost when the computer is off.