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What is computer literacy
Knowledge and understanding of computers and their uses
Where are computers in our daily life
What two things does a computer do with data
Accepts data, then processes data into information.
What is data
Raw facts, figures, adn symbols
What is information
data that is organized, meaningful,and useful
Once the data is turned into information, the computer does what
Produces and stores the results
List the five parts to the information processing cycle
Input, process, output,storage,communication
List some examples of data
text, pictures, numbers, audio, and video
What is an input device
any hardware component that allows you to enter data and instructions into a computer.
What is a user
anyone who communicates with a computer or utilizes the information it generates.
What are the five advantages of using computers
Why are computers so fast
operations occur through electronic circuits. Data flows along the circuits at incredible speeds.
How many operations are processed in a single second
billions or trillions
Why are computers reliable
The electronic components in computers are dependable and reliable because they rarely break or fail
Why are computers consistent
Given the same input, a computer will produce the same results consistently. Computers generate error free results, provided the input is correct.
Why are computers good sources for storage
They can store enormous amounts of data and make the data available for processing at any time
Why are computers good to communicate with
They can communicate with other computers and allow users to communicate with each other.
What are four disadvantages of using computers
Violate privacy,impact on labor force,health risks,impact on environment
Computers violate privacy because...
people can have their identities stolen and privacy violated if their data isnt stored protectively.
Computers impact the labor force because...
computers take some of the jobs that people used to do.
Computers create health risks because...
incorrect typing posture and lack of work breaks can be risks to your health
Computers impact the environment because...
they depleate natural resources adn pollute the environment.
computers process________into________
data,information or input, output
What is the information processing cycle
series of input, process, output, and storage activities
What has recently become an essential element to the information processing cycle
What is hardware
electric,electronic,and mechanical components
What do some of these components in hardware include
input devices, output devices,a system unit, storage devices, and communications devices
Imput device
hardware component that allows you to enter data and instrictions into a computer.
Name 6 imput devices
mouse , keyboard, microphone, scanner, digital camera, dn PC video camera
contains keys you press to enter information
What imput devise is defined as s small handheld device that you control movement of a small symbol on the screen with
name of the symbol on the screen that selects options
What does a microphone allow the speaker to do
speak into the computer to enter data and instructions.
purpose of a scanner
converts printed material into a form that the computer can use.
digital camera
take pictures and transfer the images onto the computer or printer instead of on film
PC video camera
digiatal video camera that allows users to create a movie or take still photographs electronically.
What is an output device
any hardware component that conveys information to one or more people.
three output devices
printer, monitor, speakers
purpose of a printer
produces text adn graphics on a physical medium such as paper
purpose of a monitor
displays textgraphics,and videos on a screen
purpose of speakers
allow you to hear music,voice,and other audio sounds
what is a system unit
case that contains electronic components of the computer that are used to process data.
What is the circuitry of the system unit connected to or part of
the motherboard
Two main components on the mother board
the processor and the memory
What is another name for the processer
the CPU
Or the central processing unit
What does the CPU do
interprets and carries out the basic instructions that operate the computer
what does the memory do
store instructions waiting to be executed and data needed by those instructions.
How long does memory keep data
temporarily usually, contents are erased whtn the computer is shut off.
what do storage devices hold
data, instructions, adn infromation
How long does storage hold items
What is storage media
what the computer keeps information and data on
Examples of storage media
floppy disks,cds,usb flash drives,dvds,and memory cards
what is a storage device
records or writes and or retrieves or reads items to and from the storage media
What do storage devices often function as
imput devices
why are storage devices also imput devices
they transfer items form storge to memory
floppy disk
thin, circular disk enclosed in a hard plastic shell
how much information can be stored on a floppy
1.4 million characters
where do you put the floppy
floppy disk drive
USB flash drive
small portable storage device with more storage than a floppy
Hard disk
more storage than floppy and usb flash. Enclosed in an airtight,sealed case.
Where are most hard disks stored
inside the system unit
how much information can hard disks hold
80 billion characters
compact disc
flat, round, portable metal disc with plastic coating.
two types of compact discs
cd rom and dvd rom
how much space does a dvd have
enough for 2 full length movies
Can you access a dvd in a cd rom drive
no, only dvd drive
Memory cards
transfer stored items from the card onto a computer or printer
communication device
hardware component that enables a computer to send and received data to and from one or more computers
What is a widely used communications device
how can communication occur
over wires, cables, satellites,etc.
What is a network
collection of computers adn devices commected together via communications devices and transmission midia.
When is a computer online
when it connects to a network
Networks allow what that saves money and time
sharing resources, hardware, software, data,and information
What is the internet
is a worldwide collection of networks that connects millions of businesses, government agencies, educational institutions, adn individuals
How many people around the world use the internet
more than one billion
reasons for the internet
communicate adn meet people,access lots of news findings,ship, bank,take classes, entertainment
Access providers
offer access to the internet free or for a charge
When using an access provider you can do what
use your computer adn a modem to connect to the many services of the internet
short for world wide web, one of the most popular services ont eh In
What does the web contain
billions of documents called web pages
Web page
contain text, graphics, audio, adn video.
What are the built in conections on web pages called
Who can make a web site
series of instructions that tells the computer what to do ad how to do it.
another name for software is...
How do you interact with a program
throught the user interface, or graphical user interface
What is a GUI
you interact with the software using text, graphics, and visual images suc as icons
miniature image that represents a prgroam, adn instruction, or some other object
two categories of software
system software, application software
system software
consists of the programs that control the operations of the computer and its devices.
System software serves as the interface between____adn ____adn _____.
user,application softwar,and the computer's hardware
two types of system software
utility programs adn operating system
Operating System
set of programs that coordinates all the activities among computer hardware devices
operating system provides means for users to do what
communicate with the computer adn other software
example of an operating system
windows xp
When a user starts the computer parts of the operating system load onto the_____from the _______ _______.
memory, hard disk
how long is the operating system in the memory
only while the computer is on
Utility program
allows user to perform maintenance type tasks usually related to managing a computer, its devices, or its programs.
Can you buy utility programs
Application software
programs designed to make users more productive and assist them with personal tasks
Widely used application software
web browser
web browser
allows those with a connection to view web pages.
types of popular application software
word processing, spreadsheet,database,presentation graphics
setting up software to work with the computer,printer, adn other hardware components
How do you install
insert the program disk,the computer copies info onto the hard disk,then run the program
use program
How does the computer run a program
computer loads the program,and the program is copied from the storage to memory, once in memory the computer can carry out the program
carry out the instructions in the program
someone who develops software or writes the instructions that direct the computer to process data into information.
Popular programming languages
C++, C#, Visual basic.NET, JavaScript, Java
6 categories of computers
personal,mobile,mobile devices,midrange servers,mainframes,supercomputers, embedded computers
what consitutes what kind of computer something is
size, speed, processing power, price
personal computer
can perform all of its imput, processing,output,adn storage activities by itself
What does a pc contain
input, output, storage devices, memory, processor
two popular personal computers
pc adn apple
How are they different
use different operating systems
two types of personal computers
desktop and notebook
desktop computer
everything fits on or under a desk or table
mobile computer
personal computer you can carry from place to place
most popular mobile device is...
notebook computer
portable, personal computer designed to fit on your lap
How do these laptops operate
on battery, or power supply or both
Tablet PC
notebook that allows you to write on the screen using a digital pen.
mobile device
handheld, store programs on memory or on system units,some are internet enabled
examples of mobile devices
smart phone, smart watch, pda
handheld computer/handtop computer
computer small enough to fit in one hand
PDA personal digital assistant
provides personal organizer systems
primary input device that looks like a small ballpoint pen.
smart phone
internet enabled phone that also provides pda capabilities
another name for smart phones and pda's
smart watch
internet enables watch
midrange server
more powerful and larger than a desktop. support hundreds of computers at the same time
access a midrange server with
personal computer or terminal
device with a monitor,keyboard,memory
large,expensive computer that handles thousands of connected users at the same time
What percent of transactions do mainframes process
fastest,most powerful,most expensive computer.
how many instructions can a supercomputer process in a second
100 trillion
embedded computers
special purpose computer that functions as a component in a larger product.
home user
family member
small office/home office
office with less than 50 people or a home office
mobile users
work on computer while away from a main office or school
power user
requires the capabilities fo a powerful desktop computer called a workstation.
large business user
person in a large business
enterprise computing
huge network of computers that meet diverse computing needs
work arrangement in which employees work away from a company's standard workplace and communicate to office through computer