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A small application program that runs with a Web page
A 2GL one step higher than machine language
Characteristics of an object-see object-oriented programming
Byte Code
A partially compiled program that can be run by a java virtual machine
Microsoft's version of Java
A group of objects with common attributes and methods-see object oriented programming
Common Gateway Interface (CGI)
A program on a Web server that handles requests for scripts
A program that converts higher level programs into machine language
Small programs that are written to provide communication instructions between a peripheral device and the computers operating system
An action by the user, such as clicking a button on the screen
Event Driven
Programs that are executed when the user chooses an option
Extensive Markup Language (SML)
Method of attaching additional information to text or pictures on a Web page
Information Hiding
Characteristics of modular programming
Language that uses byte code and java virtual machine programs to create interactive web pages
Java Virtual Machine (JVM)
Compiles javea byte code for execution on a particular platform
Derivative of UNIX that is free and open source
Machine Language
Language that is written in binary code that a computer processor can directly interpret
Instruction in object-oriented programming
Sets of instructions on how to accomplish a task in OOP
Object-Oriented programming (OOP)
Nonprocedural method that uses attributes, methods, classes, adnd messages
Programming entity with attributes and methods that belongs to a class
A characteristic of object-oriented programs in which objects can accompish a stated message independently
Short programs that reside on a web server and are used with web pages
Structured Query Language (SQL)
A fourth generation language that is used for extracting specific sets of data from a database
Rules for a software language that must be used when writing code
Name three early 3GLs still in use that use GOTO statements
Identify the slang term for code written in languages that use GOTO statements
spaghetti code
FORmula TRANsition-is very good for working with formulas
COmmon Business Oriented Language-is used for business functions like payroll and accounting.
is a general-purpose language created to help students learn programming.
Machine Language
A first-generation language (1GL) and is the language the computer processor understands
Machine Code
A sequence of instructions written in machine language, can execute very quickly because no translation or interp is needed
Identify the programming solution to branching problems
structured programming using IF-THEN-ELSE or DO-WHILE statements
Identify the features of modular programming
*Information Hiding
*Standardized input and output
*Sharing and reusing
Identify the relationship between C and operating systems
C, a language that combines high level programming features with the ability to use specific features of a processor, is used to write operating systems
Identify Characteristics of a 4GL language
*Works with databases
*Uses visual programming
*Useful for novices and experts
*Interactive and multifuntion programming environment
Give an example of a 4GL language
SQL-Structured Query Language
Identify definitions and examples of event-driven language
Events like clkicking buttons activate parts of the code
Identify the characteristics of object-oriented programming
*Objects have attributes and methods and are grouped in classes *an object can inherit attributes and methods of its class *Commands are called messages, and the ability to act on the message independently is called polymorphism
Identify languages that use OOP
First object oriented programming language
Programming language that uses object-oriented programming (see Visual Basic)
Visual Basic (VB)
An event-driven language that uses a graphical interface that includes buttons, dialog boxes, scroll bars, and menus
Identify Characteristics of a 5GL
All code is generated automatically and can be compiled bya a 3GL compiler
Give an example of a 5GL language
Jbuilder by Borland
JDeveloper by Oracle
Identify what the acronym BIOS stands for
Basic Input/Output System
Identify the functions of BIOS
Boot up the computer and check components
Identify the funtions of an Operating System
*Manage communication between applications and the processor
*Manage store systems
*Manage peripherals
*Provide tools for applications to use
Name four common operating systems
*Mac OS
Identify functions of server applications
Find and deliver data or Web pages
Define GUI
Graphical User Interface-the use of icons, buttons, a mouse, dialog boxes, and menus for communication between the user and a computer
Name three IBM mainframe operating systems
Identify the characteristics of Linux
similar to UNIX but open source and free
Identify four productivity application suites
*MS Office
*Star Office
*Corel Wordperfect Office
*Lotus SmartSuite
Identify types of utility programs
*File management
*Disk Maintenance
*Viewing Documents
Identify the relationships among Web applications, browsers, and operating systems
Web Applications use browsers, which in turn use the operating system to display Web pages
Identify the relationships among Java, byte code, and Java virtual machine
Java is a programming language. Its programs are converted to byte code, which can be executed by a Java virtual machine on the client computer
Identify Microsoft applications that compete with Java
C# is a programming language, and ActiveX is similar to Java applets
Identify the role of CGI
The common gateway interface handles requests for scripts by Web pages and locates the scripts in a directory on the server
Identify at least four script languages
*Perl *ECMAScript
*Jscript *PHP *TCL *Rexx
Identify two types of Web pages created by scripts in response to user input
Active Server Pages (ASP)
Hypertext Preprocessor Pages