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What is the MAXIMIZE and RESTORE keys for?
With this keys you can make bigger and smaller the program you are in.
What is a harddrive?
A harddrive is where you can insert a disc, CD's, and DVD's.
What is the internet?
The internet is where you can search for things you need quickly.
What is a mouse?
A mouse is a thing that let's you move the arrow in the screen of the computer.
What is a keyboard?
A keyboard is the place where all the number and letter keys.
What is the TAB key for?
This key lets you indent a line of type or move the cursor to the next stopping point.
What is the ESC (escape) key means?
The ESC (escape) key lets you quit a task you are performing?
What is the CTRL and ALT keys for?
Use the CTRL (control) or the ALT (alternate) key with another key to make the computer do a specific task
What is the ENTER key for?
Use this key to tell the computer to carry out a command or to start a new paragraph.
What are the FUNCTION keys for?
These keys let you perform certain tasks quickly.