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A___is a fundamental component of every single-user computer system and is the most common sof-copy output mechanism for displaying text, images, graphics, and video screen.
A___residing on the motherboard inside they system unit converts the digital signals produced by the computer into analog signals and sends them through a cable to the monitor.
Graphics adapters usually have their own built in video memory including VRAM, WRAM, SGRAM and
An___is the most common type of device for producing hard copy output on a physical medium, such as paper or transparency film.
An___printer forms and prints characters in a manner similar to the way numbers appear on a football scoreboard.
___Printers are non-impact printers that form characters and images by spraying thousand s of tiny droplets of electrically charged ink onto a sheet of paper as sheets passes through printer.
A___machine is an electronic device that can send and recieve copies of documents through a telephone lines.
The speed of a disk storage device is measured by___, the time a storage device spends locating a particular file.
Access time
A ___system consists of one or more rigid metal platters (disks) mounted on a metal shaft in a container that contains an access machanism.
Hard Drive
A___ drive allows a PC user to record of burn information on a compact disk using a device called a
___images a re computer generated pictures produced on a computer screen, paper, or film
A___(short for picture element) is a tiny single point in anything being displayed on a screen.
As with scanners and digital cameras, the number of pixels in the display determines the monitor's quality, or
Most photograph printer can print photographs after they have been loaded from a ___ into the computer and displayed on the screen
digital camera
A___is a type of printer used to produce specialized kinds or large sized high-quality printing including acrchitectural drawings, charts, maps, diagrams, and other images.
Modern hardware and software technologies make it possible to produce synthesized human speech in the ____ a computer can understand and use.
Digital form
A file name is followed by a period and set of characters called
The three most common types of magnetic storage devices for personal computers are floppy disks, hard directory and ___
For large companies, magnetic disk storage consists of a disk drive housing multiple hard disks contained in a rigid plastic container called a ___
disk pack
The main factors in monitor performance and quality include the amount of RAM in the graphics adaptor, the monitor resolution and the refresh rate.
The multifunction device(MFD) is a piece of equipment that looks like a printer or copy machine, but which provides a variety of capabilities including scanning, copying, printing, and sometimes faxing.
A tape drive system consists of one or more rigid metal platters mounted on a metal shafr in a container that contains an access mechanism
Impact printers form characters and images without actually striking the output medium, using electricity, heat, laser technology or photographic techniques.