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a set of well-defined steps for preforming a task or solving a problem
application software
programs that make the computer useful to the user by solving specific problems or performing general operations
the data contained in an object; the characteristics of an object that will be implemented as properties
binary number
a number that is a sequence of 1s and 0s
a rectangular button-shaped control that performs an action when clicked with the mouse
Break mode
the mode in which an application has been suspended for debugging purposes
Central Processing Unit (CPU)
the part of the computer that fetches instructions, carries out operations commanded by the instructions, and produces some outcome
a box that is checked or unchecked when clicked with the mouse
a control that is the combination of a ListBox and a TextBox
notes of expanation that document lines or sections in a method; also known as remarks
objects, usually used as on-screen elements in a Visual Basic application
Design mode
the mode in which you design and build an application
Design window
contains the application's forms; where one designs he application's user interface by creating forms and placing controls on them
disk drive
stores information by magnetically encoding it onto a circular disk
docked windows
describes windows that are attched to each other or to one of the edges of the Visual Studio
Dynamic Help window
displays a list of help topics that changes at operations are performed; topics displayed are relevant to the operation currently being performed
event handler
a type of method that responds to actions by the user, such as mouse clicks and key presses at the keyboard
event procedure
a procedure that an object executes in response to an event
a type of program that responds to events or actions that occur while the progam is running
floating window
when windows are not docked
a diagram that graphically depicts the flow of a method
a window, onto which other controls may be placed
graphical user interface (GFI)
the graphical interface used by modern operating systems
a rectangular border that functions as a container for other controls
a computer's physical components
horizontal scroll bar
a horizontal slider bar that, when moved with the mouse, increases or decreases a value
data the computer collects from the outside world
inpur device
a device that collects information and sends it to the computer
integrated development environment
an application that provides the necessary tools for creating, testing, and debugging software
programming language words that have a special meaning; keywords may only be used for the intended purpose
text that cannot be changed or entered by the user; created with a Label control
language syntax
Visual Basic rules that define the correct way to use keywords, operators, and prgrammer-defined names
a control that appears as a box containing a list of items
machine language
the language of 1s and 0s which is the only language that the CPU can process
main memory
also known as random-access memory, or RAM; where the computer stores information while programs are running
a sub procedure or function that is a member of class; performs some operation on the data stored in the class
Name property
a property that holds the contol's names; contols all accessed and manipulated in code by their names
New Project dialog box
used to indicate the type of application you are starting
a programming element that contains data and actions
object-oriented prgramming
a programming technique centered on creating objects; a way of designing and coding applications that has led to using interchangable software components
pieces of data, such as numbers, on which operators perfrom operations
operating system
a ste of programs that manages the computer's hardware devices and controls their processes
perform operations on one or more operands
Options dialog box
accessed from the Tools menu; allows you to set various options in the Visual Basic environment
data a computer sends to the outside world
output device
a device that formats and presents output information
displays a graphic image
procedural programming
a programming technique centered on creating procedures
a set of programming language statements that are executed by the computer
a sequence of instructions stored in the computer's memory; the instructions enable the computer to solve a problem or perform a task
program code
generally, statements inside methods
programmer-defined name
words or names defined the programmer
programming languages
languages that use words instead of numbers to program the computer
a group of files that make up a Visual Basic application
in Visual Basic, an object's attributes
Properties window
shows and allows you to change most of the currently selected object's properties, and those properties' values
statements that are a cross between human language and a programming language
a round button that is either selected or deselected when clicked with the mouse
random-access memory (RAM)
(main memory)
also known as comments; notes of explanation that document lines or sections in a methodthat are
Run mode
the runtime mode in which you run and test an application
runtime error
mistakes that do not prevent an application from executing, but cause it to produce incorrect results
secondary storage
a device such as a disk drive, that can hold information for long periods of time
programs that run on a computer
Solution Explorer window
allows quick navigation among the files in the application
standard toolbar
situated below the menu bar; contains buttons that execute frequently used commands
rules that must be followed when constructing a method; dictate how keywords, operators, and programmer-defined names may be used
syntax error
the incorrect use of a programming language element, such as keyword, operator, or programmer-defined word
Text property
in Visual Basic, stores the value that becomes the text in a control
a rectangular area on a form in which the user can enter text, or the program can display text
Toolbox window
contains buttons, or tools, or Visual Basic controls
a small box that pops up when you hover the mouse over a button on the Toolbar in the Toolbox; it contains a short description of the buttons purpose
vertical scroll bar
a vertical slider bar that, when moved when the mouse, increases or decreases a value