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stands for Common Business Oriented Language and works best for business applications on mainframe computers. It's the most common programming language in the world.
Computer aided software engineering (CASE) tool
is a software application that helps prepare reports, draw program flowcharts, and generate software code for prototypes.
Event-driven language
responds to actions users perform on the program. It's an event when you click on a button, use a pull-down menu, or scroll down a window.
Input-process-output (IPO) table
shows what information a piece of software takes in, how it processes information, and what information it produces.
Object-oriented programming (OOP)
is any programming language that uses objects to code software.
Scripting language
is an interpreted programming language that works within another application to perform tasks.
Server-side Web programming
uses Web server resources to retrieve information, process information, and output customized Web pages.
Third generation language (3GL)
is a machine-independent, high-level procedural language that uses human words and symbols to program diverse computer systems.
Fourth-generation language (4GL)
is a machine-independent, high-level nonprocedural language that uses human words and symbols to program diverse computer systems.
simultaneously translates high-level programming languages into machine language. In other words, your 3GL or 4GL is completely translated into machine language all at once.
Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)
is an interpreted scripting language that works within Microsoft Office applications. For example, you can use VBA in Microsoft Excel to create a payroll spreadsheet macro.
is a scripting language program that executes a task or set of tasks within a software application.
Machine language
is a machine-dependent, low-level language that uses binary code to interact with a specific computer system.
Control structure
specifies the order in which a computer will execute each line of software code.
Assembly language
is a machine-dependent, low-level language that uses words instead of binary numbers to program a specific computer system. Programmers can use words like start or abbreviations like mov (move) to tell the computer what to do.