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The MLA style uses in-text______________________
Parenthetical Citations
The MLA style uses the term_____________ for the bibliographical references.
Works Cited
Word displays text on the screen as large as possible without extending the right margin beyond the right edgeof the document window when you_____________________
Zoom Page Width
______________ is the amount of verticle space between lines of text in a document.
Line Spacing
One blank line is displayed between lines when you__________________
A____________is text you want printed at the top of each page in the document.
A____________is the text you want printed at the bottom of every page.
You can________,or attach a floating toolbar.
Displays the document exactly as it will print.
Print Layout View
You can use_________________to format and enter text,graphics, and other items.
Click and Type
When your fingers are already on the keyboard,it sometimes is more efficient to use_______________-, or keyboard key combinations, to format text as you type it.
Shortcut keys
Can be accomplished using the horizantle ruler.
First-Line Indent
Is at the top of the triangle at the 0" mark on the ruler.
First Line Indent Marker
The small square at the 0" mark is the_____________.
Left Indent Marker
Automaticallly corrects.
Auto Correct
Be used for note reference mark.
Places notes at the bottom of each page.
Note Text
The base style for a new Word Document is the________________.
Normal Style
Named group of formatting.
Bibliogical list of works that are referenced directly in the research paper.
Works Cited Page