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Define word processor
A software packaged used for creating, editing, saving and printing text
Define word processing
the process of creating, editing, saving and printing text documents electronically
Define edit
to revise or correct documents
Define formatting
the process of changing the appearance of a document
State 3 advantages of word processors
a. Text can be corrected or modified easily without retyping it
b. Words can be found and replaced easily and quickly
c. Characters can be presented ion various styles suck as bold, italics, etc.
State 3 advantages of word processors over typewriters
a. It is easier and quicker to modify documents
b. Many different character formats are available
c. The spell check tool can be used to correct typing error
State all the steps in creating new document
I. Creating
II. Editing
III. Formatting
IV. Saving & Retrieving
V. Previewing & Printing
Define title bar
contains the word processor name and the document name
Define status line
contains information such as page number and size of document
Define word wrap
moves any word that crosses the right margin to the next line
Define scrolling
moving the document up, down, left and right
Two editing modes of word processor
a. Insert Mode
b. Overwrite Mode
Define insert mode
Existing characters are shifted to give room for incoming characters
Define overwrite mode
incoming characters replace existing characters
Define block
portion of a document
Define clipboard
a portion of the computer's memory set aside for storing a block temporarily
3 features you may change using character formatiing
a. Font
b. Size
c. Style
Define font
A set of characters with a particular look
Normal size of a font
12 points
What You See Is What You Get
State 4 of paragraphs formats
a. Lien Spacing
b. Paragraph
c. Tabs
d. Paragraph alignment
Define tab mark
indicates the horizontal position that the cursor jumps to when you press the tab key
State the 3 paragraph margins
a. Indentation
b. Left margin
c. Right margin
Define indentation
Starting a line further from the margin than other lines
State the 4 paragraph alignments
a. Centred
b. Aligned left
c. Aligned right
d. Justified
Two forms of printing documents
a. Portrait
b. Landscape
Define the Page Preview feature
lets you see on the screen exactly how your document will look when printed
Define header
the text that appears automatically at the top of each page
Define footer
the text that appears automatically at the bottom of each page
Define the Search and Replace command
Locates a word in the document
Define the Spell Checker feature
To help you search and correct spelling mistakes
Define main dictionary
contains a list of correctly spelled words
Define thesaurus
offers alternative words, which are of similar meaning