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technology of authenticating a person's identity by verifying a personal characteristic
denial of service attack
an assault on a computer that is perfromed by hackers whose purpose is to disrupt access to the Web
e-mail filtering
a service used by internet service providers that blocks e-mail messages from designated sources in order to reduce the amount of spam users receive.
the process of converting readable data into unreadable characters to prevent unauthorized access
security system consisting of hardware and/or software that prevents unauthorized access to data, information, and storage media on a network
unsolicited e-mail message or newsgroup posting
trojan horse
type of malicious-logic program, named after the Greek myth, that hides within or looks like a legitimate program like a screensaver
potentially damaging program taht affects, or infects, a computer negatively by altering the way the computer works without a user's knowledge or permission
malicious-logic program that resides in active memory and copies itself repeatedly