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What is a database?
a collection of info/data stored in the computer
Where might you see a database?
The doctor's office
What does a database allow you to do?
enter, access, or analyze info
What is the info?
A collection of lists - ex. a medical history
How does Access org. info?
uses tables ( like in Excel )
What is the difference between Access and Excel?
Access: analyzes and connects data; Excel: stores and organizes numbers
What kind of database is access?
a relational database - so info is linked together
Can Excel make a relationship between the tables?
Because of Access's relationship, what can you do?
Search and analyze info
In Access, what are the columns called?
In Access, what are the rows called?
In Access, what do you do?
Create tables and then connect them
In Access, when do you save the database?
Before you add anything
In Excel, when do you save the database?
After you add something
What are the three ways you can open Access?
Blank, Templet, Existing
What are examples of fields?
Zip code, state, first name, last name, etc.
What can you do in a datasheet view?
Create a table or enter records/info.
What is a design view?
YOU CAN NOT enter info; you can ONLY create a table; you have advanced functions; you select data type and select field properties
If you have a field recording today's date, what would you pick ( data type ) ?
If you have a field recording salary, what would you pick ( data type )
Number AND currency
If you have a field recording an explanation ( paragraph ), what would you pick ( data type ) ?
What is the value of yes/no? ( data type )
Yes/no - only
What data types do you need to know?
Text, memo, date/time, currency, autonumber, and yes/no
How many characters ( letters, numbers, and symbols ) can a field hold? What happens if you leave it at the maximum?
255; if you leave it like that, the program will slow down
What is the primary key?
A unique identifier for each record that allows you to avoid duplication
How many records can a table have?
1 or more
What are rows?
What do columns have?
Give an example of a cell reference.
Explain the advantage of using a cell reference in a formula.
If the value in the cell changes, the answer automatically does, too.
Can rows and columns be widened?
How many worksheets does Excel have when you open it?
In Excel, one rectangle is called a ----.
The highlighted rectangle is called what?
The active cell
List 4 things you can do with Excel.
Make a chart, a budget, keep inventory, and use functions
What is the multiplication sign in Excel?
What is the division sign in Excel?
How could one find the website for Jefferson County Public Library?
Go to Internet Explorer and type in the search box, Jefferson County Public Library and click on Jefferson County Public Library - Colorado
Where would one search for a book?
Click on Find Library Books and More
How many different searches are there to find a book?
What is the difference between a search engine and a web browser?
Web browser: NEEDED to open up a search engine; Safari or Internet Explorer are examples; Search engine: Google, Yahoo
What does TLC-You See More help you find?
The Develyn Library
How many databases could you use to search country specific info?
How do you cite a book?
Author's last name, first name, middle initial., book title., city published: publisher, year published * - remember: IT MUST BE IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER!
What are the 5 W's of website evaluation?
WHO - who wrote it; WHAT - what is the purpose; WHEN - when was it created; WHERE - where does the info come from; WHY - why is it useful for your purpose