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Relative cell reference
formulas that adjust to a new location if copied.
Order of evaluator
determines which operation to perform first in a formula.
Fill down $ fill right
The command that allows same information to be entered quickly.
Mixed cell reference
contains both absolute and relative cell references.
mathematical symbols, i.e. +.-,*,/.
The number or cell reference supplied to a function to perform a calculation.
the horizontal groups of cells in a spreadsheet.
A set of instructions used to calculate a value.
Active cell
The cell that is currently ready for you to enter data.
Print range
that cells highlighted which allow only a portion of the entire spreadsheet to print.
The point where a row and column letter that designate a particular cell.
the numbers or cell references that the operatiors work on.
An established formula that can be used to perform calculations.
an application which will organize text and numbers to allow ease in performing mathematical functions and/or create charts.
Data series
A set of related values plotted in a chart.
A graphic which shows the relationships and/or trends in spreadsheet data.
Absolute cell interface
indicated with a location in a cell address, and will remain the same if copied.
Cell range
A group of cells next to one another.
The vertical group of cells in a spreadsheet.
Entry bar
The area where cell data is entered.
Equal sign
The sign that begins a formula.