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This version of FTP has no security, no dir navigation options & uses UDP connectionless protocol
Trivial FTP (TFTP)
Is SMTP connection oriented or connectionless?
connection oriented
http uses what connection protocol? What layer does it function at?
UDP; 7
Which 2 protocols are methods for downloading email from a server? Which one transmits passwords in clear text?
pop & imap; pop
What does telnet use for transport? What alternative is more secure?
This protocol is a tool that IP uses in its quest to provide best-effort delivery.
Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP)
What's the most commonly used function of ICMP
ping utility
If IP determines that the destination is on the local network, it consults this to determine whether it has a corresponding entry.
Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) Cache
This protocol facilitates the communication of time information between systems & uses TCP
Network Time Protocol (NTP)
What Port is FTP? Is it a TCP or UDP service?
21; TCP
What Port is SSH? Is it a TCP or UDP Service?
22; TCP
What Port is Telnet? Is it a TCP or UDP Service?
23; TCP
What Port is SMTP? Is it a TCP or UDP Service?
25; TCP
What Port is DNS? Is it a TCP or UDP Service?
53; UDP
What Port is TFTP? Is it a TCP or UDP Service?
69; UDP
What Port is http? Is it a TCP or UDP Service?
What Port is pop3? Is it a TCP or UDP Service?
110; TCP
What Port is NNTP? Is it a TCP or UDP Service?
119; TCP
What Port is NTP? Is it a TCP or UDP Service?
123; TCP
What Port is IMAP4? Is it a TCP or UDP Service?
143; TCP
What Port is SNMP? Is it a TCP or UDP Service?
161; UDP
What Port is https? Is it a TCP or UDP Service?
443; tcp
When CompTIA states "identify the well-known ports," it is referring to this?
ports 0-1023
On networks where there is no DNS server, it is possible to resolve hostnames to IP address using what file?
This allows networks to access the Internet through a single connection
Network Address Translation (NAT)
A Windows Implementation of NAT intended for small networks
Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)
This management protocol allows network devices to communicate information about their state to a central system
Simple Network Management Protocol.
When SNMP agents are able to relay events to the manager, it's known as what?
The SNMP Management system computer runs a special software called what?
Network Management Systems (NMS)
what are the 3 ways netbios names resolution can be performed?
WINS, LMHOSTS file, broadcasts
This automatically assigns IP addressing information
This resolves hostnames to IP addresses
This translates private network addresses into public network addresses
Provides network management facilities on TCP/IP-based networks
Resolves NetBIOS names to IP addresses
What is the address range of a class A network?
What is the address range of a class B network
What is the address range of a class C network
What is the address range of a class D network
What is the range of a class E network