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When accessing data,_____ has the fastest throughput.
You need to implement fault tolerance for the disk subsystem on a computer. Which Raid could you implement?
Raid 1
Raid 5
Which of the following determines the master or slave in a system that supports two IDE devices?
The jumper settings
Which of the following is the number of IDE devices that your system supports if it is employing ATA-2 technology or higher?
A technician has just installed a second new IDE hard drive in a computer system. What is the first thing the technician would check?
The jumper settings.
Which of the following gives the proper sequence for installing master and slave IDE Drives?
Mount the dirves in the carrier, connect the 40 pin cable to the drives, set the drive at the end of the cable to master, set the drive in the middle of the cable to slave, install the drives in the computer , and configure the dirves.
You are the trainee technician currently installing 6 IDE devices in a computer. Which of the following is the minimum amount of IDE channels needed to accomplish this objective?
Which of the following components on the motherboard usually house the IDE connectors?
South Bridge
What is the minimum number of hard drives required for FAID level 0?
Which of the following is the SCSI ID number generally recommended for the CD-ROM?
ID 3
What is the max data transfer rate that USB 2.0 offers?
480 Mbps
A computer has two physical hard drives that are assigned the drive letters C and D. The C drive is configured with NTFS and the D drive is configured with FAT32. Which of the following statments would be TRUE for this computer?
The cluster size on the C drive is smaller and storage is more efficient.
Files on the D drive cnanot be secured.
A computer has a 240 GB hard drives that has 125 GB of data. This data needs to be backed up refularly. Which of the following would be the best media to use?
A digital linear tape (DLT)
When installing an IDE CD-ROM drive on a computer with a single IDE hard drive on the primary chain already configured as master, what would be the best configuration for the CD-ROM Drive?
Master on the secondary IDE controller
A customer has a Pentium III computer with a PCI graphics card and a CRT monitor. She wants to improve her display performance. What should she do?
Replace the graphics card with an AGP graphics card.
A tech notices that none of the 3 SCSI drives on a computer can be found in the SCSI chain. When resolving this problme, what should the tech check?
Whether both ends of the chain are terminated and that each hard drive has a unique ID.
A tech has just upgraded the CPU on a computer. Now the computer shuts down automatically. What is the MOST probable cause of this problem?
No thermal compound was used.
A user reports that the screen on his computer remains blank when he switches the computer on. What should the tech check FIRST?
That the monitor is powered on.