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You Hibernate your docked laptop at the office to save time when starting it back up at home. When you power it up at home you discover that while typing emails some of your keystrokes are misinterpreted by the system. For example when you type the letter O it appears as a 6, a P is a *. What is the quickest way to fix this?
The Function (Fn) Num Lock is on. Turn it off.
You are taking a well deserved two week vacation. You have decided not to bring your laptop along. What should you do to the laptop before you leave?
Unplug it and remove the battery.
Windows 2000 Backup Utility allows backup to ____.
tapes, zip drives, and recordable CD ROMs
You can only connect with a maximum speed of 28.8Kbps with a 56Kbps modem. The Internet Service Provider (ISP) only uses V.90/X2 modems with 56Kbps service. What should you do to correct the problem?
Check the internet for the latest v.90 updates for the modem.
You have a PC that is booting to the wrong drive and you don’t have the BIOS password. To change the Boot order you will__________.
Use the Reset BIOS jumper on the motherboard
From which location do the first instructions come from when a microcomputer is powering up?
The data light on a NIC card will come on when which of the following happens?
The NIC starts receiving data
A page from a laser printer is smeared, what is the most probable fault?
Bad fuser unit
What is the best way to remove dust from a PC?
Blow out with compressed air
Which of the following devices can cause interference with a modem connection? (Choose two)
power supply
printer port
fax machine
Fax machine
A page from a laser printer has a vertical white streak, what is the most probable fault?
Low toner
A PC starts with a loud pop and smoke starts coming out of the back. You unplug the unit immediately. Which of the following actions will you take next?
Check the manufactory’s web site for warranty info
A Word document is printed from the printer icon on the Word toolbar, however the document prints to the wrong printer. How can this be fixed? (Choose 2)
Select print from the File menu in Word and choose the right printer.

Set the appropriate printer as the default printer.
How many channels must exist between two 802.11b frequency bands in order to avoid channel overlap?
You are configuring a second monitor on your laptop computer. You go to the display properties and ____________.
Click on monitor 2 and select Extend Desktop
What is the main feature of SDRAM?
Delivering the data in high speed bursts
A Windows 2000 professional PC has recently been installed on an Ethernet LAN but cannot communicate with other PC's on the network. What should you do first?
Verify the link status on the computer's network card.
What settings are found in CMOS?
Hard Drive Settings
Date and Time
You have a Notebook PC, with a 2.5 inch IDE hard drive that will not respond. How could you confirm if the problem is in the hard drive or the Notebook's IDE interface? (Choose Two)
Using a 2.5 inch to 3.5 inch IDE cable adapter try a 3.5 inch IDE hard drive on the Notebook's IDE interface.

Using a 2.5 inch to 3.5 inch IDE cable adapter try a 2.5 inch IDE hard drive on a desktop PC's IDE interface.
You have a Windows XP computer with Microsoft Office installed. When the client prints he says that it prints to the Microsoft Office Document Image Writer and the page does not print. Which of the following is the most likely explanation for this problem?
The installed printer is not set as the default printer
A PC's CMOS information was erased. What should you do first after re-entering the correct settings?
Observe the PC for problem recurrence.
A printer prints a test page from the printer, but it will not print from Windows printer icon. Which of the following is the problem?
The driver is corrupted
You had just made a bootable floppy and want to test it. You put the disk in the drive and restart the computer but it boots up to the Windows GUI. Why did this happen?
The BIOS is set to boot the hard drive first.
You have a Laptop that powers off whenever the AC power cord is disconnected, which of the following will you do?
Replace the battery
Your modem works fine most of the time, but some connections deliver bad characters. Which of the following would most likely be the cause of the problem?
Line Noise
You have replaced the battery in a laptop computer, which of the following is the correct way to process the replaced battery?
Dispose of according to local environmental regulations
Your laptop is constantly becoming very hot while you operate it on your lap. How can you prevent this condition without affecting system performance?
Use laptop on a smooth flat surface.
You have a customer that has several USB devices and when they connect them to their PC they are not recognized by Windows XP. Which of the following will you try first to solve their problem?
Check the BIOS
You are in a Terminal window and would like to issue a command to reset your modem. Which of the following would work?
Remember, the Hayes command ATZ is the manual command for a reset.
In a LAN when a user cannot get to a local file server, what is the problem? You have verified that the username and password are correct by typing it in on a different workstation and getting to the server.
Bad patch cable attached to workstation.
A customer calls for help on a multimedia system that continuously locks up when booting up. This system has recently been upgraded with a new network adadpter card. Which of the following actions would you take first?
Remove the adapter card and test for conflicts
The CD-ROM has failed on your system. You suspect that the CD-ROM may not be getting the proper voltage. Which tester would you use to test the power connector?
What is the typical voltage provided by an office or home receptacle?
120 Volts AC
What is the most important difference between EDO RAM and Fast Page Mode DRAM? EDO RAM is______.
EDO RAM is a more recent, faster technology compared to Fast Page\nmode DRAM.
'Memory Overflow' error message can be overcome by: (Choose 3)
Reducing RET

Adding RAM to the printer

Reducing the resolution of the print job
On the dot-matrix you only see the bottom half of the characters. What could be a possible cause of this?
Defective print head.
What event confirms the completion of POST?
A beep
You will hear either a single beep, or two beeps on certain proprietary systems, indicating success. Other beeps indicate system problems.
A customer called complaining that his system continuously locks. The problem has persisted for several days. What is the first step in troubleshooting this problem?
Have the user try to recreate the problem
What is the best way to keep a system cool with proper airflow?
Keep slot back plates in place
A customer with a Windows 9x system can't print but the printer is online and print jobs are queued. What could be the problem?
Spooler is overloaded.
By default Windows XP Explorer displays all system and hidden files.
Microsoft tries to shield the average user from realizing the importance of file extensions and these files. Not realizing these files exist, makes it difficult for the user to delete them.
What can cause all-band interference?
Technologies like Bluetooth, which hops across the entire 2.4-GHz ISM band many times per second, usually interfere significantly with 802.11 RF signals. Bluetooth is considered all-band interference for an 802.11 wireless network
A user cannot log into the local area network or get to the internet over the LAN. Other users in the same area are not experiencing any problems. First, you log in as the user with her username and password from your workstation and do not experience any problems. Next you attempt to log in from the users workstation with either her username or yours and can not log into the network. What is a possible cause of this problem?
Bad workstation patch cables.
A single short beep during boot up is an indication of what type of problem?
Everything is fine, one short beep is normal.
You believe your Laptop display panel has failed. What is the first step to isolate the problem on a running laptop?
Toggle the Display Fn key several times to see if the screen comes on.
You are experiencing a problem with a slow connection to the internet when using a 56Kbps Modem. What are the most likely causes? (Choose two)
Out dated modem driver

Noise on the telephone line
What type(s) of cable can be used to network two PCs together? (Select all that apply)
A user can't log in to the network. What should you NOT do at the start of solving this problem?
Replace the NIC card
You receive a call from a customer that tells you when they are typing, some letters have been replaced by numbers. What has happened to their laptop?
The Num Lock is on
What is the common condition that is caused by the thermal expansion and cooling of computer components called?
Chip Creep
Which of the following events increase the chances of a motherboard failure? (Choose two)
a. Power being lost while updating the BIOS.
b. power being lost while updating printer
c. Connecting a serial mouse with the power on.
d. Connecting a PS/2 mouse with the power on
e. connecting a USB device with the power on
a.Power being lost while updating the BIOS.

c. Connecting a serial mouse with the power on.
In Windows XP how would you cancel a document that has already been sent to the print queue?
Double Click the printer's icon in the printer folder and cancel printing.
Which component on a printer could you check if an error code indicates a paper jam but there is no paper in the printer?
Paper-Feed Sensors
A customer reports that the fan has stopped working in the power supply on their PC, but the computer is still running fine. What would be the proper repair procedure in this situation?
Replace the power supply.
Your printer is not printing test pages sent from your PC. How can you test the printer itself?
Have the printer print a self test page from its onboard menu.
The process of recharging or reenergizing the .memory registers is also referred to as the process of __________________?
What would cause a computer to continuously lose the time and date settings?
Dead system battery
Which wireless client utility allows a network administrator to view packet errors, connection speed, and link viability?
Link status monitor
The power supply fan fails, what component should be replaced?
The complete power supply
A user has asked you to help them fix their printer. It is a simple paper jam and you resolve it quickly. What should you do next?
Have user verify that the problem is resolved.
A customer calls to say that the Windows desktop appears to be distorted. What could you do to try to isolate the problem? (Choose two)
Try another monitor

Boot the computer to a command prompt.
Concrete walls and large metal objects reduce the communication range of which communication types listed below?
c.all of these
d. 802.11a
e. 802.11g
All of these
Printer error: 'Out of Memory' refers to the fact that
the printer does not have enough memory for the current print job.
Dr. Watson is a ____.
Windows utility that records detailed information about system errors and the programs that cause them
Your company has responded to an increased level of support calls by allowing employees to handle help calls from their homes on evenings and weekends. The employees are supplied with wireless laptops, wireless routers, and DSL connections at the home location. All devices were installed and properly configured by professional technicians. One employee complains of an intermittent internet connection. You question the employee further and determine the problem occurs only just before lunch and before their afternoon snack of fresh popcorn. What is the likely cause of the problem?
Microwave oven interference
Microwave ovens operate in the 2.4 Ghz frequency band and can have considerable impact on network performance.
What is used to power the LCD on a laptop?
Low voltage DC
You have purchased a USB laptop cooling pad to help control your systems operating temperature. How will this device affect your systems overall performance?
a. battery life will decrease
b. all of these
c. on laptop operation will be more comfortable
d. system will be more stable with controlled temp
all of these
After answering a service call, you find a customer's computer is dead. Which of the following checks would you perform first?
Check the AC outlet voltage.
If a PC has a fault that is documented to more than one FRU, which of the following procedures should be used to repair the system?
Replace each FRU, one at a time in the proper order and test the system after each unit is replaced.
Most laptops use a power adapter that converts:
AC current to DC current
If a user cannot connect to an Internet website, what can you do to verify that the problem is the users machine?
Try connecting by using another machine.
A laser printer generates a completely black paper. What is the cause?
No power to the primary corona.
You have just upgraded the 802.11b wireless access point in your home with an 802.11g one. You also upgrade your laptop PCMCIA card with an 802.11g one. Everything works fine. You decide to test the new setup by taking the laptop out to the pool area. Your connection speed seems sluggish. When you check the status, it indicates a Fair connection and a speed of only 11Mbps.You were expecting the 54Mbps speed you had indoors. What is the problem?
Connection speed decreased as the signal quality is reduced.
A locally attached Windows XP printer is printing garbled text and several blank pages with each print request. Which of the following is the easiest way to fix this?
Remove the printer and let windows reinstall it
You have just installed a new IDE hard drive in your system but the system's BIOS will not recognize the new HDD. What should be the first item checked?
Jumpers on the hard Drive
Which of one of these hardware devices on a motherboard can be updated through software?
system BIOS
Why would the back of a page come out dirty on a Laser printer?
Contaminated fuser.
What is the first step in the boot process?
The POST software is contained in the System ROM BIOS, it is the first item to execute.
You have just upgraded the 802.11b wireless access point in your home with an 802.11g one. You also upgrade your laptop PCMCIA card with an 802.11g one. Everything works fine. You decide to give the 802.11b card to a friend for their laptop. It installs correctly, and your WEP security settings are correct. When you view the Available Wireless Networks the access point is listed, has Excellent signal strength and attempts to connect. What is the problem?
The Access Point is set to g only mode.
Someone has placed a BIOS password on a company computer and you don't know the password. What should you do to remove the password? (Choose two)
Temporarily remove the CMOS battery

Clear the CMOS by shortening the CMOS jumper.
Which statement is true concerning how external conditions affect a wireless link’s range?
Packet error rates increase on the signal’s fringe
Your laser printer is producing pages with a solid blank line running the length of the paper, what is the likely cause of this?
The toner is running low
You suspect that your laptop LCD is staying on when you close the lid. What is the best way to check this?
Find the LCD cutoff switch and depress it with a small screwdriver.
A page comes out of a laser printer and the toner smudges when you touch it. What is the problem?
The fuser is not hot enough
After a periodic maintenance which included cleaning and rerouting some of the cables to improve air flow.The floppy drive now seems to be inoperable, and the floppy light activates at power-on and remains on continuously. What can cause this condition?
The floppy cable is connected backwards
What action should be taken if the power supply fan bearings are failing?
Replace the power supply
When a Windows XP computer is connected to a network and the user cannot connect to the internet you have the user check the IP address. The address is Which of the following will you have the user do next?
Run IPCONFIG/renew
Which of the following devices would indicate a good fuse?
An ohmmeter
You have just changed the BIOS battery on a client’s PC. What is the first thing you will need to do?
Set the time and date
The link light on a network interface card will light when which of the following happens?
The wire connecting it to the network is plugged in
Three short beeps during POST indicates what?
POST error - error code
What is a proper installation practice when installing DIMMs and RIMMs?
Unplug the PC.
What would be the first step in diagnosing a computer that will not boot-up that was running fine the day before?
Check the AC outlet for voltage.
Which of the following are possible sources of RF interference to look for when performing a wireless site survey in a hospital? (Choose four.)
- Microwave ovens
- 2.4 GHz cordless phones
- Elevator motors
- Baby monitors
A dot matrix printer is printing erratic, faint or uneven. Which action would you take to correct the problem?
Replacing the ribbon
After you boot up your computer the light on the diskette drive is lit. Which of the following describes what causes this?
The data cable is installed backwards
After installing a new PCI network card it fails to access the network. You then install the latest drivers for the card and check all the settings. You examine the cable connections and your network cards link light is on. What is the next step in troubleshooting this problem?
Shut down and cold boot the computer.
You have a system that has no audio. Which of the following items does not apply to this problem?
The sound card is set to a 75MHz bus speed.
You install a new local printer. When you print a test page on the printer, the printer prints some printer code and extra blank printer pages. What are the possible causes? (Choose Two)
- Un-secured or loose printer cable.
- Wrong printer driver.
You are stuck in an airport. You have a series of mathematical calculations to run on your laptop. You find that the standard numeric keypad on the laptop is too cumbersome to work with. What can you do to simplify the task?
Toggle the Num Lock Function (Fn) keys on.
After finishing repairs to a client PC, which of the following still needs to be completed?
- Document actions and outcomes
What function does the acronym POST describe?
Power On Self Test
Two methods for recovering from a forgotten BIOS password are:
- Short the CMOS with a jumper
- Removal of the CMOS battery
You are checking out a customer PC and have powered on the PC and it beeps once, which of the following is true?
The post is completed
Why do new laptops ship with a thin foam pad between the keyboard and the LCD panel?
It keeps the keys from scratching the display.
. You have connected a second monitor to your laptop computer for a presentation. What do you need to do next to use?
Click Extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor
You have just installed a second PATA slave hard drive to the primary controller in your Windows 2000 system. You double click on the My Computer icon and can't see the second drive. What are two possible reasons for this? (Choose two)
- BIOS has not been updated.
- Your hard drive is not partitioned.
. After an "out of memory message" is displayed when a user tries to print. A technician checks and there is plenty of space on the hard drive. What is causing this error?
System needs more free memory.
A customer calls to complain that every time he restarts his system after powering it down, he loses access to the hard drive. After reconfiguring the BIOS, the hard drive becomes accessible again. What is the most likely cause of this problem?
A defective CMOS chip or battery
If a Laser printer pulls multiple paper sheets at one time, what are possible causes? (Choose three.)
- Worn Separation Pad
- Humidity
- Improper media
How many 168 Pin DIMMs are necessary per memory bank?
A single 168 Pin DIMM is used for every memory bank
You try to back up your data to a DLT tape drive. You receive an error message that the tape drive is not available, this occurs even if you try a new cartridge, what do you do?
Put a tape cleaner into the drive.
When you arrive at the customer's desk the computer is giving a continuous beeping noise that will not stop. Which of the following is the problem?
A key on the key board is stuck in the down position.
Your laptop battery is not charging. How can you quickly determine if the AC power adapter is providing power?
In Control panel, Power Options, check the status of the Power Meter.
When a wireless station is set to accept any SSID and receives beacon frames from several access points (APs) at once, how will it choose the access point it will use to join the network?
It chooses the access point with the strongest signal.
Which of the following are important troubleshooting questions to ask a user when you are collecting information about a problem? (Choose two)
- When did this issue begin?
- What were you doing when the issue began?