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Where should a notification sound be changed on a Windows 2000 system?
Sound and multimedia properties in control panel.
You need to backup 690MB of data to CD. What must you do to accomplish this?
Use 700MB CD-R.
Where is L2 cache located in a Pentium system?
On the motherboard
What technologies is used for today’s laptop batteries?
Lithium-ion Li-Ion
Which technology was added to the Pentium III?
Internet streaming SIMD extensions
After a user clicks the print shortcut icon on standard tool bar of the application the document prints to the wrong printer. What answer will correct this?
Set the desired printer as default.
Which of the following interfaces has the highest throughput?
Both ECP and EPP use bidirectional communication. EPP only allow\ncommunication in one direction (half duplex), while ECP allows simultaneous bidirectional communications (full duplex). Furthermore, ECP uses a DMA channel which enables direct access to peripherals and thus makes it faster.\n
Which Connection types would you expect to see on a PC designed for a Home Theatre?
Coaxial didital audio
Fiber Optic Digital audio
All of these
All of these
The highest rate of data transfer can occur through:
The Enhanced Capabilities Port (ECP) is a standard for parallel ports that allows the highest data rates.
What is the correct term to describe a device that allows the connection of Keyboards, monitors, and printers to a laptop through a proprietary connection?
Docking station
Which of the processors take advantage of Hyperthreading technology? (two answers)
Intel Pentium 4
Intel Xeon
Which of the following type of RAM is the fastest?
SDRAM delivers the data in high-speed bursts.
Which of the following statements are true about screen refresh rates in Windows XP?
a. if your refresh rate is to high it will damage your screen and hardware
b. all of these
c. a change to the refresh rate affects all users
d. the default refresh rate is 60 Hertz
a high refresh rate can reduce the rate your screen flickers
B all or these
What type of connectors are used on a parallel printer cable? (two answers)
When Intel classifies CPUs as M class it signifies that the chip was designed especially for which purpose listed?
Which of the terms given describe identical technology? (Choose two)
The first CPU with a 64-bit data bus was?
Which setting doesn’t close the programs, saves data to the hard drive and turns off the computer?
In Windows 2000 how would you set a printer to be the default printer?
In the printers folder right click the printer and choose set as a default printer
Which ports will most often be used to connect a digital camera to a computer? (two answers)
USB Port
IEEE-1394 Port
What is the correct term to describe a USB device that allows the connection of Keyboards, monitors, and printers to a laptop?
Port Replicator
How many devices can the USB interface support?
You have three USB devices and need to add them to a company laptop. You find that only one IRQ is available. How many IRQ's will the USB modem, mouse and keyboard use?
All USB devices, as many as 127, can be connected to a single USB port. They all share a single IRQ
Which type of FRU would a SCSI host adapter be?
I/O Card
What type of CPU would fit in a Socket 939 motherboard?
Athlon 64
Given that the native resolution for XGA is 1024x768, what is the native resolution for SXGA+?
1280x720 is WXGA 1400x1050 is SXGA+ 1680x1050 is WSXGA+ 1600x1200 is UXGA 1920x1200 is WUXGA
You bring 52x 700 MB CD-R disks to a machine in order to back up some data. You discover that the CD writer in the machine is a 24x. What is your next step?
Do the backup at 24x.
Which expansion bus types do the majority of motherboards in use today support?(two answers)
Which connectors would you most likely use to connect a computer to a Large TV monitor? (two answers)
Component/RGB refers to either analog or digital video signals. HDMi is High-Definition Multimedia Interface the current standard for HDTV.
What feature should be matched when replacing a mouse on a PC?
On a Windows XP laptop the hibernation feature requires what?
Reserved hard disk space equal to the amount of physical RAM.
You have an internal CD-ROM plugged into the internal connector of a SCSI card and a scanner plugged into the external connector to the same SCSI card. Which of the devices requires termination?
Both the Internal and External devices
When installing a floppy disk drive, the A drive letter designation is established_______.
by the cable
You are given two SCSI devices to install. They are both set to the same ID by default. How can both be used on the same SCSI controller?
Change the ID on one of the drives
What is the fastest all purpose bus?
The PCI Express (PCI-E) bus is used exclusively for video
a. true
What video interfaces would you use for a PC gamer?
PCIexpress is currently the best video interface available for the PC platform.
What does the following define by the 'RS-232' standards?
Serial ports
Fast SCSI 2 can be how many feet in length?
What are the benefits gained from cleaning the inside of the computer? (Two answer)
Provide better system cooling
Reduce the risk of component failure.
Laptop Video displays can also be referred to as:
LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)
PCI is an acronym for?
Peripheral component interconnect
What is the name of the process that laser printers use to produce a printed image?
Which kind of devices can run on a SCSI bus? (three answers)
Hard Drives
Tape Devices
What kind of wireless network would be used to provide connectivity for devices such as Keyboards, headphones, printers and a mouse?
ROM does not usually contain what?
ROM chips can and do contain System BIOS, a POST (Power On Self Test) routine, and the CMOS setup. However, remember that MBR stands for Master Boot Record and is placed only on Hard Drives to enable reading its file allocation table for the placement of files on it.
Solid state media comes in many forms. Which of the devices listed below use solid state media as their primary source of memory/storage?
a. PDAs
b. all of these
c. Digital audio recorders
d. digital cameras
b. all of these
What would be the proper storage environment for OPC (Organic PhotoConductive) drums?
Cool and Dark
Given that the native resolution for XGA is 1024x768, what is the native resolution for UXGA?
1280x720 is WXGA 1400x1050 is SXGA+ 1680x1050 is WSXGA+ 1600x1200 is UXGA 1920x1200 is WUXGA
Your Windows XP laptop's display seems to lose brightness when you unplug it from your desktop to take it outdoors. What is the problem?
The ACPI has reduced the brightness to conserve the battery.
What is the pin configuration of a serial port?
9-pin male
On today's motherboards the Southbridge chipset controls the communication between the processor and which other two devices?
Serial Ports
USB bus
The Northbridge chipset controls communications between the CPU, memory, PCI and AGP busses. The Southbridge actually uses the PCI bus to handle the I/O ports, USB and the IDE controller.
What is the first element of the system that a failed motherboard battery effects?
What technologies allows a single processor chip to operate like two separate processors?
Hyperthreading technology which is patented by Intel, allows a single computer processor chip to appear to the operating system as two separate processors, enabling it to perform more than one set of instructions simultaneously.
Which of the following is NOT capable of sustaining a full-duplex transmission?
a. USB
b. Seriral
c. Parallel
d. IEEE 1394
The original design was one way only, but bi-directional ports have been developed, a side benefit being the ability to control a printer directly with suitable software.
Intel's Single Edge Contacts (SEC) design contains both a CPU and a __________?
L2 Cache
What would commonly be considered a Type I PCMCIA device?
A common PCMCIA Type I device is an add-on memory card.
Which of the following CPU’s are supported by a Socket 7 MB?
a. 2.5V Pentium
b. 3.5V Pentium
c. AMD
Socket 7 supported CPUs include: Supported processors include: 2.5V - 3.5V Pentium 75-200 MHz and Pentium MMX 166-233 MHz, AMD K5 through K6, Cyrix 6x86 (and MX) P120 - P233.
What are advantages of USB? (threeanswers.)
Ease of configuration
An error message reads 'parity error', what is the cause?
RAM problem
Which printers would use thermal paper?
What is the most recent type of printer interface?
How would you get a newly installed or re-installed PCMCIA card to work?
PCMCIA is Hot Swappable in Windows
What are the main hard drive settings in the CMOS? (three Answers)
What is the thickness of a Type I PCMCIA card?
3.3 mm
What is the easiest way to install a local printer?
Connect the printer and let Windows detect it.
How many devices can be connected to a Fast/Wide SCSI2 controller?
To what specification does a bi-directional parallel cable conform?
IEEE 1284
What is the 25-pin female port on the back of a PC?
Your new sound card has a single external RCA type jack on it in addition to the standard 1/8" connections. What is it?
SPDIF connector
The acronym AGP stands for?
Accelerated Graphics Port
Which of the following devices have similar looking connectors? (Choose two)
a. VGA monitor
b. Parallel printer
c. serial mouse
d. SCSI scanner
e. analog modem
SCSI scanner
Parallel printer
Every 16 milliseconds DRAM must be?
Which power state consumes more power?
How can you find out the size of a drive in Windows XP?
Alt Click on the drive, and select properties.
How can a second SATA device be added to a SATA cable that already contains a device?
It cannot.
Which devices would you insert into an AGP slot?
Video card
What is the thickness of a Type II PCMCIA card?
5 mm
Type II PCMCIA cards are 5 mm thick. More on PCMCIA cards and and specifications can be found at :
By default, what ID is a SCSI adapter usually set to?
Remember the general rules:\nThe boot disk is usually set to ID 0.\nThe host adapter is usually set to ID 7.
What motherboard allows you to turn off the computer via software?
ATX has a soft power switch.
What does the acronym BIOS stand for?
Basic Input Output System
Extended Data Output (EDO) RAM is _________________ when compared to DRAM?
What best describes the ability of a processor to increase or decrease clock speed in relation to the processing demands of the system?
CPU Throttling is extremely useful on laptops and other mobile computing devices. By enabling the processor to control its speed and reduce it when there's little demand, the processor uses less energy and runs cooler. This makes computing on a laptop more productive and comfortable.
You have to replace a computer power supply, which of the following will you use to determine and select a replacement?
The form factor and wattage
What are possible ways to print a printer self test page? (Choose two.)
Through properties of the printer settings.
Through operator panel on printer.
You want to upgrade your slot1 motherboard. What chips are offered in the slot1 package? (Choose three)
PII 233
PIII 800
PIII 333
Slot 1 motherboards are used for Celeron, Pentium II and Pentium III\nprocessors, not for Pentium or Athlon processors.
A Athlon 64 FX CPU would fit in a Socket 754 motherboard?
a. true
b. false
Athlon 64 FX
The Socket 754 is designed to accept the AMD Athlon 64, Sempron, and Turion 64 among others. Athlon 64 FX requires a socket 939.
The electrical connection between the docking station and a laptop computer is (Choose 2) :
Used as a surge suppressor
Specific only to that manufacturer
How do you configure the jumpers for a CD-ROM attached to the secondary PATA interface if the CD-ROM drive is the only one connected to the PATA adapter?
What is processed first when booting a PC?
BIOS is run first (Code found in the CMOS chip on the motherboard) . BIOS code starts up the computer with POST (Power On Self Test) and then loads the operating system.
Which form factors is recognized for both cases and motherboards?
What happens when a second SATA 3.0 device is added to a SATA cable that already contains a SATA 1.5 device?
It cannot be added.
What is firmware?
CMOS/BIOS must be stored on a permanent memory chip not needing constant power. It starts up the system and is called firmware.
On a dot matrix printer which paper type requires tractors to feed the paper?
Continuous Forms
How many pins are on a VGA connector?
How many bits wide is the AGP Bus?
AGP (Accelerated Graphic Port) is a 32-bit bus designed for the high demands of 3-D graphics.
What are IDE translations?
Logical Block Addressing which translates CHS for standard BIOS to use drives larger than 528MB.
What components is not found in the toner cartridge of a laser printer?
Transfer corona wire
The internal 802.11b/g Wireless network card on your new laptop needs to be replaced. Which type of device would you expect as a replacement part?
What I/O ports is NOT used for connecting printers directly to a computer?
UTP-RJ45 port
A UTP with RJ 45 connector is for a network. The other three answers are viable printer connections.
What best describes the use of a CompactFlash device?(choose two)
A solid state and storage device.
How many Type III PCMCIA devices will fit in a typical laptop slot?
Most laptops have two Type II slots, one on top of the other. When a Type III card is used, it will physically take up both slots, although only use one of the connectors
What would commonly be considered a Type II PCMCIA device?
Common PCMCIA Type II devices are NICs and modems.
How can you tell where PIN 1 is on a data cable?
Red stripe on cable
What two devices have a similar looking connector? (Choose Two)
PS/2 mouse
ATX keyboard
You have a 4GB partition. In Windows 2000 professional what file systems can be used on this partition? (Choose two)
What is the main advantage of a 3½ USB drive?
Ability to copy large files for backing up
Software on a non-volatile chip is called?
What is the first thing to check when a print job is stalled in Windows based PC?
Restart the spooler.
You have a customer who wants to setup personal area wireless printing for his laptop, what technologies’ are available? Pick 2
Which choice is a valid speed for RDRAM or Rambus RAM?
800 MHz
Rambus RDRAM transfers data at the rate of 800 MHz.
How do you add a printer in Windows XP?
Click on the Printers and Faxes icon on Start menu, then Add Printer in Printer & Faxes pane.
A serial modem cable would typically connect to what PC interface gender type?
Serial ports will be either 9-pin male or 25-pin male.
A 168-pin RAM chip is a:
Remember DIMM (Dual In-line Memory Modules) chips have two pin configurations, 168 and 184. Physically they are nearly 1/2 inch longer than SIMM's.
You need to store 160 minutes of high quality video. What would you use? (two answers)
- DVD +R DL.
- External 100 GB hard drive (50 GB free).
While the inkjet print is idle what keeps the ink from leaking out of the ink cartridge and onto the paper?
A nozzle gate
The nozzle gate, which is closed when the printer is idle, prevents the ink from leaking out of the cartridge.
The IEEE 1394 interface is related to which type of bus?
Firewire originally was developed by Apple Computer, Inc. as a high speed serial bus.
What should be done after installing a new ink-jet cartridge?
Run the printer alignment program
You are connecting a monitor to a PCI Video card, how many pins will the connector have?
PCI Video cards will be VGA and have a three-row 15 pin connector called a DE-15 or mini sub D15.
What priority settings are set for the SCSI ID number? (Choose two)
15 lowest
0 highest
What is the most significant difference between USB 1.1 and USB 2.0?
USB 2.0 is faster
Name two kinds of laptop memory.
What is the most significant difference between USB 1.0 and IEEE1394?
IEEE1394 is faster
Given that the native resolution for XGA is 1024x768, what is the native resolution for WXGA?
1280x720 is WXGA 1400x1050 is SXGA 1680x1050 is WSXGA 1600x1200 is UXGA 1920x1200 is WUXGA
The paper transport system of a dot matrix printer is primarily:
Tractor rollers
The PCI Interface supports which two bus widths?
The PCI bus operated with either 32 or 64 bit cards, but the motherboard must support the higher capacity cards.
When a parallel port communicates information to a device how is it done?
1 byte at a time
How many SCSI devices can be connected to a standard SCSI controller?
You can connect up to 7 devices to a standard SCSI bus, or 15 devices to a Wide SCSI. Keep in mind that the Controller must be present and occupies one of your 8 (or 16) available connections.
How would you tell the difference between an ATA/33 cable and an ATA/66 cable?
Number of wires
The ATA/33 cable has 40 wires, while the ATA/66 cable has 80 wires.
You have a computer with a single IDE interface. The computer presently has an IDE hard drive and a CDR. You need to install an additional hard drive, what will you do?
Add an IDE interface expansion card
The AGP Pro connector has what?
2 extensions at either end
The universal AGP Pro connector is an extension of the existing AGP connector (with two extended sections on both ends of the original AGP connector) and is backward compatible with existing AGP cards.
You have just installed a modem card into your Windows XP computer, complete this sentience:
The modem will be on . .
the first available COM port
You are using a Windows 2000 operating system. How can you print a document without spooling the print job?
Select print directly to the printer in the spool settings dialogue box.
When replacing a power supply what would you use to determine a replacement unit?
What should you do when replacing the motherboard in a portable computer?
Ensure that the board is from that manufacturer and that the boards are interchangeable.
Which cable has a 50-pin connector?
Narrow SCSI
What happens when a second SATA 3.0 drive is added to a SATA controller that already contains a SATA 1.5 drive?
Both devices will operate normally.
On today's motherboards the Northbridge chipset controls the communication between the CPU and what? (Choose two)
AGP bus
What items need to be configured on a SCSI drive? (Choose two)
What type of PCMCIA slot is used for a laptop Modem?
Type II
Type II PCMCIA slots are used by most PCMCIA modems.
You have a laptop with a type 3 PCMCIA card installed, how many additional cards can you install?
What is the capacity of a DVD-R DL disk?
8.5 GB
What is the paper transport technology most commonly associated with dot matrix printers?
Tractor feed.
What hardware components are required for the POST to complete? (Choose three)
Video Card
An analog computer monitor connection has how many rows of pins?
The most common type of video connector is the analog connector. Standard is the 15-pin, 3-row SVGA analog connector.
How can a computer tell A from B on a floppy cable?
Cable Twist
What is the maximum throughput of the PCI bus?
132 Mb/sec
Given that the native resolution for XGA is 1024x768, what is the native resolution for WSXGA+?
1280x720 is WXGA 1400x1050 is SXGA+ 1680x1050 is WSXGA+ 1600x1200 is UXGA 1920x1200 is WUXGA
Which devices would hold several expansion cards?
What CPU goes into a slot 1?
Remember! The Pentium II/III chips are characterized by the SEC cartridge. Up until this time all CPU's used a socket/pin arrangement. The SEC cartridge uses a Slot I which looks like an adapter card slot.
What would commonly be considered a Type III PCMCIA device?
Hard drive
What levels of caching are available on a PII?
L1 & L2
What motherboard type supports advanced power saving features?
Which of the storage devices would provide the best protection against catastrophic loss?
Solid state media
Where in Windows 2000 would you connect or disconnect the network printer?
Start, Settings, Printers
Before updating the BIOS of a client’s motherboard you should do what?(Choose four)
Write down all the BIOS settings
Download the updated BIOS from the manufacturers, website
Backup the clients data
Format a floppy disk for the BIOS update program
What is modified when changing system start up boot sequence?
You have a Windows XP Professional laptop computer and you are about to configure a new hardware profile. Where do you go?
Control Panel>System
What is the main difference between AT and ATX style motherboards? (Choose two)
PS/2 port
Soft power switch
You just purchased wide screen flat panel display. The old monitor was configured at 800 x 600 resolution. You install the new display and it works properly, but when you try to change the resolution setting to the recommended 1280 x 768 the resolution is not available. What is most likely the problem?
Video card is old and doesn't support the higher resolution
Where would hard disk configuration information be stored?
The AGP bus architecture is exclusively designed for
video adapter cards
Your Windows XP laptop's Processor speed decreases when you unplug it from your desktop to take it outdoors. What is the problem?
The ACPI has reduced the voltage to the processor to conserve the battery.
What does the acronym PCMCIA stand for?
Personal Computer Memory Card International Association
To print a file in Windows XP, you could.
Drag and drop file to printer icon
What bus provides 132Mb/sec throughput?
Normally how many PC Type III cards can you insert into a laptop at a time?
PC Type 3 cards are quite thick. A laptop only has a single Type III slot. A type 3 PC card does not fit in Type II or Type I slots so only a single Type III card can be used at a time.
What would typically be available as a Type II PCMCIA card for use in a laptop computer? (Choose two)
Network Interface card
Modem card
On a PC, the LPT port can be identified as the:
25 pin female connector
You need to tell a customer the easiest way to connect his USB printer to his computer, which of the following will you tell him?
Plug in the USB cable
You plug in a USB mouse while the computer is running.
a. true
You acquire a new laptop with an AMD Athlon 2000+ processor. You check the system properties expecting to see the processor running at 2.0 GHz. It is running at 939 MHz. What is the problem?
There is no problem.
What is another name for the AMD Socket A?
Socket 462
The System Date/Time are stored where?
What is the most important step when upgrading a system BIOS?
Write down all the settings.
Which port would a digital video camera normally use?
IEEE 1394
A customer has a .32mm dot pitch monitor and wants a monitor with better resolution. What would you recommend?
26mm dot pitch
Generally speaking, the smaller the dot pitch, the smaller the distance between the elements. This results in a clearer sharper image.
What best describe the time it takes a CRT's electron beam to paint the screen from the top to bottom of a monitor?
Refresh Rate
What can be done with a system when its PATA controller fails on the motherboard? (Choose two)
Replace the motherboard.
Install an PATA add-on card.
When you configure the hard disk or COM ports in the BIOS, where does the BIOS store this information?