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What are the minimal requirements for Windows 7? (CPU, RAM, and free disk space)
CPU=1GHz, RAM=1GB(2GB for 64-bit), Free disk space=16GB(20 GB for 64-bit)
What are the minimal requirements for Windows Vista? (CPU, RAM, and free disk space)
CPU=800MHz, RAM=512MB, Free disk space=15GB
What is the name of the new GUI introduced in Windows Vista?
What new partition feature was introduced in Vista?
Extended partitions
What is the name of the feature first introduced in Windows Vista that requires administrator credentials from users to accomplish certain tasks?
UAC (Usear Account Control)
What are the minimal requirements for Windows XP? (CPU, RAM, and free disk space)
CPU=233MHz, RAM=64MB, Free disk space=1.5GB
What is the name of the file that contains setup errors during an installation of Windows?
Name five things that are commonly found on a Windows desktop?
Icons, taskbar, Start menu, Quick Launch, and System Tray.
What is the name of the Windows 7 feature that allows small information portals and apps on the desktop?
Where must you navigate if you wish to run the Command Prompt in elevated mode?
Click Start > All Programs > Accessories then right-click Command Prompt and select Run as Adminstrator
What does MMC stand for?
Microsoft Management Console
What is the name of the console windows that can be added to the MMC?
What are Libraries in Windows 7?
User-defined collections of folders
Name four common system tools.
Device Manager, System Information tool, Task Manager, and Msconfig
What does USMT stand for?
User State Migration Tool
Name three ways that data can be migrated using Windows tools.
Windows Easy Transfer (WET - Win7 & Vista only), User State Migration Tool (USMT), and Files and Settings Transfer Wizard (XP)
What Windows database stores the settings for Windows?
The registry
Hives store settings in the Registry; name a commonly modified hive.
Where is the %systemroot% in Windows 7/Vista/XP?
Where is the %systemroot% in Windows 2000?
Name two common Windows7/Vista boot files?
Bootmgr, BCD
What are the three Windows XP boot files?
NTLDR, Boot.ini, and
What does SFC stand for?
System File Checker
What built-in feature of Windows 7/Vista is used for backups?
Backup and Restore
What can Windows XP use for backups?
What does WinRE stand for?
Windows Recovery Environment
Name three features of the Windows 7/Vista Windows Recovery Environment?
Startup Repair, System Restore, and Command Prompt
What does Win XP use for its repair environment?
Recovery Console
Name three common error logs contained within the Event Viewer.
System, Application, and Security
The Security log found in the Event Viewer only contains information if you turn on what feature?