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Her classmates used ballpoint pens to underline their homework grades in their notebooks.
classmates, ballpoint, underline, homework, notebooks
The kickoff led to a touchdown; however, the Dallas Cowboys finally won without difficulty.
kickoff, touchdown, however, Cowboys, without
Your yearbook is inside the classroom in the bookcase near the raincoats.
yearbook, inside, classroom, bookcase, raincoats
This Thanksgiving we airmailed some packages overseas to the victim of the earthquakes and the landslides.
Thanksgiving, airmailed, overseas, earthquakes, landslides
Did you hear anything about a motorcyclist who destroyed our mailbox with a crowbar?
anything, motorcyclist, mailbox, crowbar
This afternoon Allison's boyfriend gave her a birthday cupcake with pineapple frosting.
afternoon, boyfriend, birthday cupcake, pineapple
Santa went downstairs beside the fireplace to get some eggnog and gingerbread.
downstairs beside, fireplace, eggnog, gingerbread
The homemade earache medicine that her grandfather gave me tasted like grapefruit juice.
homemade, earache, grandfather, grapefruit
When the fireworks began the barefoot kids were eating popcorn on the seesaw at the playground.
fireworks, barefoot, popcorn, seesaw, playground
Mr. Hillman said that the freshmen were not allowed to play basketball, horseshoes, or leapfrog anymore.
Hillman, freshmen, basketball, horseshoes, leapfrog, anymore
The linebacker and the fullback from that football team were on the sidelines getting their mouthpieces.
linebacker, fullback, football, sidelines, mouthpieces
Grandmother sent me to the supermarket to get a watermelon and the ingredients to make strawberry milkshakes.
Grandmother, supermarket, watermelon, strawberry, milkshakes
The flowerpots containing snapdragons and rosebuds were full of ladybugs and butterflies.
flowerpots, snapdragons, rosebuds, ladybugs, butterflies
After the rainstorm the ocean washed many starfish, seashells and dead jellyfish onto the seashore.
rainstorm, starfish, seashells, jellyfish, onto, seashore
The gingerbread and blueberry pancakes that Rosemary had for breakfast gave her heartburn.
gingerbread, blueberry, pancakes, Rosemary, breakfast, heartburn
The sheet and pillowcase on that waterbed match the wallpaper in my stepmother's bedroom.
pillowcase, waterbed, wallpaper, stepmother's, bedroom
The cookbook says that I need applesauce, oatmeal, and cornbread mix to make this meatball recipe.
cookbook, applesauce, oatmeal, cornbread, meatball
At bedtime I will put on my nightgown and bathrobe, and then I will hang my party outfit on the bedpost.
bedtime, nightgown, bathrobe, outfit, bedpost
The redheaded girl with pigtails is heartbroken because her granddad said she had to get a haircut.
readheaded, pigtails, heartbroken, granddad, haircut
The bulldozer and backhoe operators are working at the sawmill near the junkyard today.
bulldozer, backhoe, sawmill, junkyard, today
The crazy bricklayer injured his tailbone and his kneecap while he was trying to do handstands and cartwheels.
bricklayer, tailbone, kneecap, handstands, cartwheels
The footprints of the outlaws were found near the sunporch of the schoolhouse and on Rattlesnake Trail.
footprints, outlaws, sunporch, schoolhouse, Rattlesnake
My easygoing hairdresser's favorite jukebodx song is "Somewhere Over the Rainbow."
easygoing, hairdresser's jukebox, Somewhere, Rainbow
Last weekend we went looking aro9und the campground for firewood for the campfire.
weekend, around, campground, firewood, campfire
Our farmhand made a heavyset scarecrow for the cornfield near the railroad trucks.
farmhand, heavyset, scarecrow, cornfield, railroad