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Dates: Monteverdi
1567 - 1643
Dates: Pachelbel
1653 - 1706
Dates: Vivaldi
1678 - 1741
Dates: Handel
1685 - 1759
Dates: Bach
1685 - 1750
Dates: Haydn
1732 - 1809
Dates: Mozart
1756 - 1791
Dates: Beethoven
1770 - 1827
Dates: Schubert
1797 - 1828
Dates: Mendelssohn
1809 - 1847
Dates: Chopin
1810 - 1849
Dates: Schumann
1810 - 1856
Dates: Liszt
1811 - 1886
Dates: Wagner
1813 - 1883
Dates: Brahms
1833 - 1897
Dates: Schoenberg
1874 - 1951
Where was Bach born?
Eisenach, Germany
Dates: Wuorinen
1938 - present
Where was Haydn born?
Rohrau, Austria
Where was Mozart born?
Salzburg, Austria
Where was Beethoven born?
Bonn, Germany
Where was Schubert born?
Vienna, Austria
Where was Chopin born?
Zelazowa Wola, Poland
Where was Schumann born?
Zwickau, Germany
Where was Liszt born?
Raiding, Hungary
Where was Wagner born?
Leipzig, Germany
Where was Brahms born?
Hamburg, Germany
Where was Schoenberg born?
Vienna, Austria
Where was Wuorinen born?
New York City, USA
Where was Pachelbel born?
Nuremburg, Germany
Where was Monteverdi born?
Cremona, Italy
Where was Handel born?
Halle, Germany
Where was Mendelssohn born?
Hamburg, Germany
Where was Vivaldi born?
Venice, Italy
What is Monteverdi's most famous work?
His opera Orfeo
When did Handel move to London?