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Practice Plans
A tentative sched. of the daily drills, skills, and conditioning.
Activity Poster boards
A posted practice plan for the pre-season, during season, and post season,
To maintain and or increase their strength, endurance, quickness, jumping ability, and reaction time.
Strength training
to increase strength, jumping ability, and speed.
warm up activities
stretching and jogging, working to warm up the muscles and get ready for practice.
aerobic conditioning
those activities that involve continous work for a long period of time.
anaerobic conditioning
is the ability to work in excess of the body's capacity to take oxygen into the tissues, resulting in oxygen debt.
introduction of a new skill
fundimentals should be emphasized until they become habit
individual drills
drills that concentrate on the ability of one person, to improve that person's own skills.
group drills
drills that include a number of people, to work together and improve their group skill together.
game like competition used in practice.
risk management
coaches should be constantly on the alert that they may preform their duties and fulfil their responsibilities in a proper manner.
Legal liability
as a coach you have a liability to not be negligent.
lack of proper supervision, use of defective equipment, and coaching an unapproved skill.