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If frame B is moving to the right with speed v relative to frame A & and object is moving to the right with speed v/2 in frameA, what is magnitude of its velocity in Fame B
v/2 to the left
(T/F) Momentum is always conserved unless there are external forces.
What is a way to change the nergy of a neon atom?
to excite one of its electrons into a higher energy level.
Reynolds #, N
correlates type of flow: laminar, turbulent, etc.
(T/F) The total energy released in the pair annihilation is shared equally by two emitted gamma rays, so each gamma ray has an energy of ahlf the total energy released in the anihilism.
What is required for synthesis of metabolic hormone in the thyroid?
Beta- emission: what is converted into what?
neutron is converted to proton and an electron (whcih is violently ejected).
(T/F) Suspect gas (like a nobel gas) when respiratory tract messed up.
(T/F) The best barriers are the most dense (a gas sheild would not be useful).
What type of molecule will be will responsible for attacking aromatic ring?
electrophile (look for a positive charge).
An atom that has 3 grps of atoms has a trigonal planar geometry?
True. If all electron grps are bonding, the shape and the geometry are the same (no lone pairs).
Why does ortho nitrophenyl have a lower MP than para-nitrophenol?
Fact that ortho mitrophenol has a lower melting point than para-n itrophenol is b/c orthonitrophenol experiences less intermolecular forces b/c the hydroxy and nitro groups have a strong intrameoluclar H bond.
What happens to the mp when you mix 2 substances together?
the mp will be lower than both.
Why do chemists often use nitrogen as an intert gas?
b/c it makes up 80% of the earth's atmosphere.
H2 is a (strong/mild) (reducing/oxidizing) agent.
mild reducing agent.
O2 and F2 are (strong/mild) (reducing/oxidizing) agents
strong oxidizing agents; VERY reactive gases.
(T/F) Ionic interactions only occur btw ions.
R-S-H --- OR is a dipole interaction
Yes, the electronegativity of sulfur is strong enough to polarize the S-H bond.
What determines a cmpds physical state at a given temperature?
Molecular mass and intermolecular forces.
The greater the intermolecular bonds, what phase is it most likely to be in?
solid phase.
(T/F) Intermolecular bonds are weakened when have intramolecular bonds.
If vant hoff factor, i = 0, then what?
it did not fully dissolve.
(T/F) Imflammable means flammable.
What does the equilibrium constant for a reaction only depend upon?
<=> means reversible but does it necessarily mean that it is at equilibrium?
NO; unless it is told in writing.
Esterification rxn
condensation btw carboxylic acid
(or related derivative) and an alcohol
What is an imine reaction.
Look it up.
What is the reverse rxn of imine condensation rxn is hydrolysis?
What does a buffer consist of?
the conjugate pairs of a weak acid/base and its conjugate base/acid salt.
What is the conjugate acid of Sr(OH)2?
Sr(H2O)2 with charge of 2+; (mehnaz theroy is add an H to the H that is already there)
Is this correct: HCl + H2O => H3O+ + Cl-
Is this correct: HCl + NH3 => NH4Cl
The pH of the solution that results after mixing 10mL of 1.0M HCl and 10mL of 1.0M NH3 is the same as the pH of a 0.5M solution of NH4Cl.
True; because we are mixing 2 solutions with identical volumes. and HCl + NH3 => NH4Cl