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Accord VS Camry
Better handling characteristics

More nimble feel

Better automotive lease guide residual value

Refined style

Accord V-6 has standard VSA

4 cylinders have more horsepower
Accord VS Altima
5 speed automatic with Grade Logic Control

Better fuel mileage

Double wishbone front and rear suspension

ABS standard on Accord

Standard front and side airbags

Higher crash-test rating

More standard features including folding side mirrors
Accord VS Mazda6
More horsepower and better fuel economy, both engines

6.6 more cubic feet of passenger space
Accord VS Sonata
More horsepower

Better cloth used in interior

Don't offer navigation system

Don't offer dual climate control

Honda has better service network

Accord has far better handling
Accord VS Fusion
More horsepower

Better airbag coverage

ABS standard
Accord VS Solara
Standard side curtain airbags

More interior room

More horsepower