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What are the 3 steps in attacking parallelism on the GMAT?
1. Spot key words or phrases the signal comparison.
2. Identify the two or more items that are being compared.
3. Ensure that the two items that are being compared are parallel with regard to structure and meaning.
List comparison words.
like as
unlike as (adj.) as
likening as many as
more than as few as
greater than as much as
less than as little as
shorter than as high as
different from as short as
Like should compare two [blank]?

• Bella and June, AS their mother Stacy, are extremely smart. (Incorrect)
• Bella and June, LIKE their mother Stacy, are extremely smart. (Correct)
• J
As should compare two [blank]?
clauses or verb clause.

Just LIKE swimming is good exercise, skiing is a great way to burn calories. (Incorrect)
• Just AS swimming is good exercise, skiing is a great way to burn calories. (Correct)
True or false comparison need not be parallel.

Comparison must be logically parallel which means they must compare similar things

• I enjoy flying by planes more than I like to drive in a car. (Incorrect)
• I enjoy flying by plane more than driving by car. (Correct)
What must you do when comparing more than two things?
Use the superlative form of the adjective.

Adjective/Adverb Comparative Superlative
Good Better Best
Bad Worse Worst
Much, Many More Most
Little Little, less, lesser Least
Far Farther, further Farthest, furthest

• Comparative: She is SHORTER than her sister. (Add –er)
• Superlative: She is the SHORTEST of her give siblings. (Add –est)
• Comparative: You are MORE INTERESTING than she. (Add the word more)
• Superlative: You are the MOST INTERESTING person here. (Add the word most)