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What is the difference between the cow's ovary and the mare's?
The mare has an inversion of the cortex and medulla; Cows ovulate over entire surface of the ovary; internal CL
Where does the mare ovulate from?
Ovulation fossa
duplex uterus
2 cervixes, no uterine body, one or two vaginas
simplex uterus
one cervix, uterine body, no uterine horns, one vagina
What characterizes a mare's cervix?
longitudinal folds
What characterizes a sow's cervix?
interdigitating prominances, no fornix
What characterizes avian ovaries?
hierarchial follicular growth (largest ovulate first)
How often do chickens have to breed?
Once a week
What 3 species have duplex uteruses?
opposum, mouse, rabbit
What species has a simplex uterus?
primates and humans