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Single groups should not have many more than 14 to 20 children, and there should be nor more than 5 yo 10 three year olds per caregiver, or seven to ten four- or five year olds per caregiver
True of high quality child care
Parents in the US see preschool primarily as a way of giving children a good start academically and as a wa of giving the children the opportunity to be part of a group. True or False?
Fast mapping
allows children to acquire vocabulary at a rate of nearly one new word every 2 hours, 24 hours a day
by the time a preschooler is 3, the various combinations reach into the thousands
Between the late twos and mid threes, the way children combine words and phrases to form sentences---known as __________.
Symbolic thought is at the heart of the increasingly sophisticated use of language, according to piaget, true or false?
true, piaget suggests that language and thinking are inextricable intertwined, and
__________ refers to preschoolers use of primitive reasoning and their avid acquisition of knowledge about the world.
Intuitive thought
-bc intuitive thinking prepares them for more sophisticated thinking, by the end of the preoperational period, preschoolers begin to understand the notions of functionality and identity.
When recalling going to her favorite fast food restaurant last week, a child who normally eats at the restaurant, recalls eating at the restaurant even though on this occasion they took the food home. This is because of the child's _________.
Poverty is linked to the type of language to which children are exposed, which is associated with thier performance on tests of intelligence.
Typically provide care for children all day and tend to focus on social and emotional aspects
Child Care Centers
Explicitly designed for intellectual and social experiences and tend to be more limited in their schedules
Preschools or nursery schools
Often targetec at disadvantaged children
School Child Care
Among the most controversial findings relating to the specialization of the hemispheres of the brain involves evidence that lateralization is related to economic factors and culture only. True of False>
**This is actually related to gender and culture
The average child in the US weighs about _____ after his or her second birthday.
By the time children enter first grade, they know about 10,000 words. True of False?
Family factors such as hostility and anxious parenting, play an important role in children with ADHD. True of False?
Low self esteem reflects a combination of ______ and ________.
low worthiness and low competence
Most 3 year olds do have the ability to understand that someone can feel happy and sad at the same time. True or False?
observable differences in behaviors of boys and girls generally have not been found before age 2. True or false?
What best characterizes the concrete operational period?
using logiv and problem solving strategies
The transition from _________ thought to _________ thought occurs between the ages of 5 and 7.
preoperational thought to concrete operational thought
During which period do children begin to read affluently?
Concrete operational
the tendency to attend more to outcomes rather than the process that produced the outcomes is referred to as__________________.
static thinking
According to Piaget, which of the following does NOT reflect preoperational thought>
logical thought
Metacognition refers to_______.
the awareness of memory and the monitoring of memory performance.
____________ reflects to tendency to infer that if two events that occur together must be casually related illustrates: _________.
Transductive reasoning
Follow up research indicates that shcool age childrens capactiy for proopositional thought is limited because the fail to grasp the concept of _________.
logical necessity
horizontal decalage
is the gradual mastery of logical concepts (example given transitive inference) during a Piagetian Stage
The ability to pass conservation tasks provides evidence of _________.
an example is by recognizing that a change in one aspect of the water (its height) is compensated for by a change in another aspect (its wideth)
formal operation thinking differs from concrete operational thinking in that concrete operational thinking is NOT
__________ permits cognition to be far more efficient during the preoperational stage compared to the sensorimotor stage.
Detaching thought from action
Preoperational reasoning often seems distorted and incorrect because cthinking during this stage is___________.
strongly influenced by the way things apear
turn taking, game pllaying, and devising contests are all examples of _________.
cooperative play
In __________, two or more children interact with one another by sharing or borrowing toys.
Associative play
Piaget suggested that moral development proceeds in stages beginning with ________.
heteronomous morality
Beginning at age 10, children become fully aware that formal game rules can be modified if the people who play them agree. This is known as __________ and transitions into more sophisticated forms of moral development.
autonomous cooperation stage
The observation of non aggressive models of aggression, can reduce aggression. _______ to aggression are useful in pointing out a means to reduce aggression
Cognitive approaches
by the time children are 4, they are engaging in __________ play.
Passive forms of play>
Parallel and onlooker wherein children are not interacting with one another
initial versus guilt stage
lasts from age 3 until 6
Freud argued through his psychoanalytic perspective that ________ exists because boys and girls identify with their same sex parent and subsequently adopt their parents attitudes and values.
gender identity