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Define biological
Preparation from living organisms or their products.
Define drug
Chemicals used to diagnose/cure/treat or prevent a disease.
Define Trade name
The marketing name used by the company, it is registered to just one company.
Define Generic name
The technical name used by the company.
What's an absolute overdose?
Overdose due to an accidental or math error. Also known as a Frank overdose.
What is a relative overdose?
An overdose due to a problem with the patient.
What type of overdose would a wrong dosage be?
Frank or Absolute.
What type of overdose would be due to an animals sensitivity to a drug?
Define bactericidal
Antibiotic kills the bacteria, usually by interfering with cell synthesis.
Define bacteriostatic.
Antibiotics inhibit cell growth & multiply by interfering with protein synthesis.
Define status epilepticus
Multiple seizures with little or no rest in between them. They can last 15-30 mns & can be fatal.
Define inotropic (dixogin)agent
Affecting the force of cardiac muscle contraction.
Define anabolic
Tissue building
Define catabolic
Breaking down, usually tissue
Define exocrine
A secretion that is released outside of its source, passes secretions through a duct.
Define endocrine
Producing secretions that are distributed in the body by way of the bloodstream.
What is Addison's disease?
An inadequate amount of cortisol in the body, due to an autoimmune problem (destruction of the adrenal gland).
What is specific therapy?
Treating a specific cause.
What is symptomatic therapy?
Don't know the exact cause, or just treating the symptoms.
What is supportive therapy?
Just supporting the patients homeostasis, making them more comfortable.
What drugs don't you give to young puppies?
Tetracyclines and enrofloxacin (Baytril).
An overdose of Amikacin would lead to what?
Renal damage
What can Sulfadimethoxine cause?
Crystals in the urine.
What drug is very toxic to horses?
Is Amphotericin B a topical or systemic anti-fungal agent?
What type of drug is aldosterone?
What heartworm prevention is also an adulticide?
What's a side effect of Banamine & dexamethasone?
Gastric ulcers in dogs.
Gastric ulcers in dogs can be treated with what?
What is Dioctyl sodium succinate (DSS)?
Stool softener.
What category of drug is DSS (Dioctyl sodium succinate)?
Surfactant (stool softener).
What drug is taken systemically for a superficial infection?
What drug can you use to postpone estrus in dogs?
What drug can penetrate the skin and cause a 'garlic' taste when touched?
What drug do you use to treat Lyme's Disease?
What drug do you use to treat Hyperthyroidism?
What drug treats rounds, hooks & whips?
Fenbendazole (Panacur).
What's the trade name for furosemide?
Lasix, Disal, Diuride
What does digoxin do to the heart?
Increases the strength of the hearts' contractions.
What organ(s) does FSH target?
Ovaries & testes
What organ does ACTH target?
Adrenal cortex
What is ADH?
Antidiuretic hormone
What organ(s) does oxytocin target?
Uterus & mammary glands
What does calcitonin do to blood calcium levels?
Causes them to fall.
What does insulin do to blood glucose levels?
Causes them to fall.