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When was Shakespeare born?
Why was the main character in "Pedestrian" arrested?
He did not conform to society.
What were some books Steinbeck wrote?
Of Mice and Men,Grapes of Wrath
When did Shakespeare go to London?
What must a sentence contain?
Structure and a verb.
What are four types of nouns?
Pronoun, proper noun, concrete noun, abstract noun.
What's the difference between an abstract noun and a concrete noun?
A concrete noun is something you can touch, something physical. An abstract noun is a thought or a feeling, something that is not a material object.
What theater was Shakespeare famous for?
The Globe.
Which short story was written by W. D. Wetherell?
The Bass, the River and Sheila Mant.
What type of stage did Shakespeare use most often?
An Arena stage.