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What type of network would you most likely use to connect multiple computers in one building?
What type of switching does the Internet use?
What is the transfer rate for a Gigabit Ethernet?
1,000 Mbps
Two types of LAN are Client/Server and:
5. Braided wires are used for
A. coaxial cable.
6. What is the term for the corruption of network data that happens when two workstations on shared Ethernet try to access the LAN at the same time?
C. Collision
7. What is the physical media used by Gigabit Ethernet?
B. Fiber-optic
8. What type of protocol does the intranet use?
9. The transcontinental high-capacity transmission line is called:
C. backbone.
10. Which of the following is used for business-to-business financial transactions?
C. Transaction acquisition
11. How does the Internet differentiate one computer from another?
C. IP address
12. __________ is an in-house Web site that serves the employees of the enterprise.
B. Intranet
13. Who invented e-mail?
C. Tomlinson
14. When was the first graphical Web browser developed?
D. 1994
15. Netscape Navigator is an example of a(n):
C. Web browser.
16. The format of an email address is:
17. The process of transferring files from server to client is called:
B. downloading.
18. A program file ready to run in a particular environment is called:
D. executable.
19. Which one of the following is an automatic mailing list server?
D. Listserv
20. Choose the Internet access that allows you to use text-based applications through a UNIX computer.
C. Shell access
21. __________ is a name resolution software that lets users locate computers on the Internet (TCP/IP network) by domain name.
22. Which of the following terms describes the use of data, text, graphics, video, and voice as elements in a hypertext system?
B. Hypermedia
23. The first graphical browser is:
D. Mosaic.
24. What is the protocol in the URL “”?
B. http
25. The __________ is the place that displays messages about what the browser is doing.
A. status bar
26. +, -, and ? are examples of:
B. search operators.
27. The proximity operator is:
28. Which of the following is used to nest Boolean expressions?
A. ()
29. Doing business online, typically via the Web, is called:
C. e-commerce.
30. __________ refers to one business selling to another business via the Web.
A. B2B e-commerce
31. __________ is a standard protocol from MasterCard and Visa for securing online credit card payments via the Internet.
32. is for:
A. online travel reservations.