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Token Ring
Network standard in which computers and devices on the network share a special signal, called a ______, in a unidirectorial manner and in a preset order
Network standard that specifies no central computer or device on the network should control when data can be transmitted. controls access to network by requiring devices to pass a special signal called token.
802.11 (Wi-Fi)
family of standards for wireless LANS (Look at Graph of 4 different transfer rates)
Communications device that connects multiple computers or other ______ together and transmit data to its correct destination on a network
device that provides central point for cables in network
Fiber optic cable
Dozens or hundreds of thin strands of glass or plastic that use light to transmit signals. Less Susceptible to interference (noise) and, therefore, more secure, smaller size (thinner and lighter) capable of carrying significantly more data at faster speeds than wire cables
Cable used for telephone systems and network cabling consists of one or more ______ wires bundled together
Coaxial Cable
A single copper wire surrounded by at least three layers: (1) an insulating material, (2) woven or braided metal, and (3) plastic outer coating.
T-carrier line
Is any of the several types of long distance digital telephone lines that carry multiple signals over a single communications line. A standard dial-up telephone line carries only one signal, _____ lines use multiplexing so that multiple signals can share the line. Very fast and expensive. __1 and __3 lines.
Standard that outlines characteristics of how two network devices communicate.
Term used to refer to each computer or device on a network
the time it takes a signal to travel from one location to another on a network
ISDN-(integrated services digital network)
set of standards for digital transmission of data over standard copper telephone lines. Uses multiplexing.
layout of computers and devicesin a communications network, three commonly used network _______ are bus, ring, and star. Bus- single central cable. Ring- cable forms a closed loop. Star- All nodes connect to central device like a hub or a switch, forming a star.
HTTP (hypertext transfer protocol)
A set of rules that defines how many pages transfer on the internet. Works with web browsers.