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Como ilustracion
As a way of illustration...
Esto es porque
This is because
Debido a que...
Due to the fact that...
hay que...
one has to
Lo primero que tienes que hacer es..
The first thing you have to do is...
Permitame explicar
Let me explain...
pero, tu crees que yo soy tonto?
But, do you think I'm a fool?
Que te has creido tu!
Who do you think you are!
Dices tonterias
You are talking nonsence
En absoluto
Absolutely not
Las cosas no son asi
That's not the way things are!
Que no!
Certainly not!
Ni hablar
Out of the question!
No te molestes
Don't get mad
Pero, no te pongas asi
But, don't get upset
Manten tu compostura
Keep yourself under control
En cambio...
On the other hand
Volviendo a...
Returning/Going back to...
Por otro lado...
on the other hand
En mi parecer
From my point of view...
No te parece que?
Don't you think that...?
No te olvides que...
Don't forget that...
No pierdas el tiempo
Don't waste your time
Si no haces esto, vas a tener que...
If you don't do this, you'll have to
No lo creo!
I don't believe it!
No te puedo creer!
I can't believe you!
No puede ser
It can't be
Quien sabe!
Who knows!
Me da igual
I don't care.
ni me va ni me viene
I don't care one way or the other.
Que me importa!
Who cares!
Que se yo?!
How should I know?!
Me explico?
Do I make myself clear?
Quieres que lo repita?
Do you want me to repeat it?
Te das cuenta?
Do you follow me?
En contraste con
In contrast with
Al contrario de
Contrary to
hay que tener fe!
You have to have faith!
Me lo tengo merecido.
It serves me right
No queda otro recurso.
There's no other recourse
Se hizo lo que se pudo.
We did what we could.
Bueno, si asi es
Well, if that's the way it is.
Bueno, que se va hacer!
Well what can we do!
No queda mas que...
The only thing left to do...
Eso es perder el tiempo.
This is a waste of time.