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How will OPTAR reimbursements for material transfers to other TYCOM's be conducted?
(ATU) automatic take up.
Are reimbursable funds to ombudsmen chargeable to ships OPTAR?
Other Procurement Navy (OPN) Funds are for procurement of major equipment with a dollar value of what?
$100,000 and more.
TYCOM's pricipal source of funds is a sub-allocation issue by whom?
The (CRAMSI) Consolidated Residual Asset Management Screening Information System is a database which consolidates residual assets inventories into one and makes material available to end users free of charge. Is this program mandatory for SNAP II / III ships?
Is the CRAMSI program mandatory for SAC 207 / 224 ships?
Shipboard Copier Program (SCP) Contracts and are the only authorized source of copying equipment. What type of contracts are these?
When a reimbursable OPTAR is given to the unit, is a separate OPTAR log and Budge / OPTAR report required?
Reimbursable OPTAR's include salvage operations, embarkation of special staff units, warranty / guarantee funding for newly constructed ships. Reimbursable orders can only be accepted by whom?
Claims for ombudsmen reimbursement using appropriated funds shall be submitted on what standard form?
SF 1167
For NAVSURFPAC ships only, government computer equipment is authorized for ombudsmen, however computer equipment must be documented as what?
Controlled Equipage
Is paying for Internet access authorized for ombudsmen use?
not with appropriated funds.
Who is responsible for the proper use of funds allocated to ships or units?
Temporary household goods storage for single personnel while a ship is deployed is properly chargeable to ships OPTAR using what fund code?
NAVSURFPAC UNITS: For first prior FY, NSN requisitions received more than ___ days and open purchase requisitions for which invoices were certified and mailed for payment more than ___ days before processed date may be AD CANX?
NAVSURFPAC UNITS: For 2nd prior FY, NSN requisitions received more than ____ days and open purchase requisitions for which invoices were certified and mailed for payment more than ____ days before processed date may be AD CANX?
NAVSURFPAC UNITS: For current FY UOL, when do you AD CANX requisitions?
NAVSURFLANT UNITS: For UOL processing, NAVSO P-3013-2 states "material received more than ___ days prior to processed date of the listing may be administratively cancelled", however COMNAVSURFLANT / COMNAVSRFPACINST 4400.1H states "activities may extend this cutoff date to ___ or ___ days before ad canx"?
What is the dollar limit that requires the CO's signature?
Guidance for developing the Annual financial Management Plan can be found in what appendix of the COMNAVSURFLANT / COMNAVSRFPACINST 4400.1H?
Who reviews and releases the monthly budget / OPTAR report message or certification of the NAVCOMPT Form 2157?
In carrying out responsibilities for sound financial management, who must establish and execute a sound dynamic annual financial management plan?
Who has the authority to reimburse ombudsmen using appropriated funds?
Regarding priorities for the obligation of funds, put the following list in correct order for "other" OPTAR. Medical - Dental / Life saving and personnel safety / self help habitability / Damage Control / Required general use consumables?
Medical - Dental / Damage Control / Life saving and personnel safety / Required general use consumables / self help habitability.
Repair part funding allocations will be based upon a review of what data and may be supplemented by specific inputs from department heads?
Historical usage data.
Who is responsible for ensuring total obligations do not exceed total funds granted in any fiscal year?
OPTAR holders will ensure what has been accomplished before sending an advance / loan / augmentation request?
Notification of excess funds is required when unobligated funds are expected at the end of the fiscal year, and
must be received by the TYCOM no later then when?
If an over-obligation of OPTAR funds results from posting an erroneous charge from a SFOEDL what is done to correct this problem?
Aggressively challenge the erroneous charge to get credit back.
DLR items received from (CRAMSI) program will be turned-in to whom?
Nearest ATAC hub / node
Who manages the Consolidated Residual Asset Management screening Information system (CRAMIS)?
Naval Sea Logistic Center (NSLC).
Before requisitioning medical / dental equipment with a unit cost greater than $250 dollars but less than $5000.00 who must you get technical approval from?
Who is legally responsible for proper expenditure of funds?
Ombudsmen reimbursements are limited to 4 expense categories, what are they?
Child care / automobile mileage / parking and vehicle tolls / telephone calls.
What is the 2nd position of fund code for the following? Telephone services / charger and hire costs / medical and dental / water taxi.
_ S
_ K
_ 7
_ U
Lease or lease-to-owner-ship of copier equipment is a proper charge to ship's OPTAR citing what fund code?
How often will funds be obligated for lease?
What does CRAMSI stand for?
Consolidated Residual Assets Management Screening Information System.
Are water taxi costs part of the 100% ATU?
No it's 50% ATU
Are charter and hire costs part of the 100% ATU?
Is INMARSAT considered to be a secure system?
When staff is embarked who will bear the cost of voice communications via INMARSAT?
Can welfare and recreation funds be used for funding general liberty vehicles?
Whose funds are used to pay for damage to ship vehicles?
TYCOM storeroom deficiencies, both range and depth, identified during an ILO / ILR will be requisitioned with whose funding?
Define Requisition status code "BN".
48. When posting an ATU to the ships OPTAR for NAVSURFPAC units you round to the nearest ___ dollar.
When posting an ATU to the ships OPTAR for NAVSURFLANT units you round to the nearest ___ dollar.
Nearest whole dollar
What summary is produced when transferring chargeable material to another TYCOM?
For ships permanently deployed to Japan or Arabian Gulf HAZWASTE disposal costs will be charged to what fund code?
S6. This is 100% ATU.
What appendix of COMNAVSURFPACINST 4400.1H provides a decision matrix to assist in determining whether an item is properly chargeable to EMRM (Repair) or Other (Consumables) funds?
Appendix H (EMRM = Equipment maintenance related material.)