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def. of strucure in counsling
joint understanding b/n the counselor and client regarding the characteristics, conditions, procedures, and parameters of counseling.
blaming a person when the problem was not entirely his/her fault
Counselor-client contract
helps to develop strucutre in the relationship - often includes things such as defining teh counselors philosophyof human nature as well as the purposes, expectations, responsibilities, methods and ethics of counseling
Otani - 4 broad categories of resistance
amount of verbalization, content of message, style of communication, attitudes towards counselors and sessions
Ways for counselors to help clients overcome resistance
1. anticipate the anger/frustration/and defensiveness. 2. to show acceptance, patience and understanding, 3. counselors to use persuasion, 4. through confrontation. 5. use of pragmatic techniques such as silence, reflection or empathy, questioning, desctibing, assessing, pretending and sharing the counselors perspectve.
Things to consider with setting
Accessories, Color, Lighting, smell, sound, mtexture, thermal conditions, distance between counselor and client
counselor qualities
cousnelors should possess self awareness, honesty, congruence, ability to communicate, and knowledge. Also need expertness, attractiveness, and trustworthiness,
2 tyeps of first interviews
Client intitiated vs. counselor innitiated
Information oriented first interview
a. it can be an intake interview to collect needed information about the client or b. it can signal the beginning of a relationship
a question that usually begins with who, what, where, why .
Forms of statments/quesitons in 1st interview
probe, accent (highlighting last few words of clients statement), closed Q., open Q., request for clarification
Relationship Oriented 1st interview
focus on feelings or relationship dynamics. Concentrate on clients attitudes and emotions.
common counselor responses in relationship oriented 1st interview
restatement (i.e. paraphrasing), reflection of feelings, summary of feelings, acknowledgment of nonverbal behavior,
Model for info-orieinted 1st interview
1 idnetifying data, 2. presenting problems, both primary and secondary, 3. clients current life setting, 4. family history, 5. personal history, 6. description of the client during the interview, summary and recommendations
setting aside everytything and focus completely on client - a general interest in and acceptance of client.
counselors ability to enter the clients phenomenal world to experience it
What is empathy fostered by
attentiveness - verbal and non-verbal
Non-verbal skills
Squarely, Open posture, Lean toward, Eye contact, Relax
Verbal behaviios that are non-helpful
advice giving, lecturing, questioning and story telling.
7 criteria for effective goals
They should be: 1. mutually agreed on, 2. specific, 3. relevant to self-defeating behavior, 4. achievmant and success oriented, 5. quantifiable and measurable, 6. behavioral and observable, 7. understandable and can be restated clearly