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3 things that Turock lists about immediacy
misenterpret, unexpected outcome, influence decision to terminate relationship (manipulation).
When used effectively what can counselors do with humor?
magnify irrational beliefs to absurdtiy, challenge clients beliefs, and make a paradoxical int ervention
What does humor invove?
Giving an incongruent or unexpected response to a question or situation
Humor should humor not do?
aim to demean a client
What is it called when confrontation is avoided?
MUM effect
What should a counsleor challenge?
more effective to challenge a clients strengths then weaknessesr
What are the 2 aspects of counseling?
one focuses on the process - involved in reaching a goal, and the other focuses on the final outcome.
3 advantages of a contract
provides a written record of goals, may act as a motivator for clients, puts responsibility for change on the client
3 disadvantages of a contract
a cousnelor can not hold a client to a contract, some problems may not lend themselves to a contract system, even if the contract is fulfilled - the client may not have achieved insight or altered perception
What ways can transference be used?
to help a cousnelor understand their clients better, and as a way of reslolving clients problems
what is a transference pull?
an image generated through the use of personality and a particular theoretical approach
2 forms of resistance
both negative and positive transference
3 maifest tations of countertransference
feeling a constant desire to please the client, developing sexual feelings toward the client, giving advice compulsively.
1 helpful way to deal with countertransference
stay involved in supervision
Termination in counseling has been avoided because
termination is associated with loss and termination is not directly related to the microskills of counseling
3 functions of termination
termination puts insight into actions, it serves as a reminder that a client has grown and it is a symbol of rebirth.
how should termination happen
planned and carefully considered. The topic of terminaiton should be approached early in the relationship
What does a good summary do?
ties together the main points of a session, does not interupt and is brief and to the point.
What is fading?
when appointments between the client and counslor are spread out and client stops recieving behavior reinforcment from the cousnselor
3 indicators that the client is ready for termination
1. client develops successful problem solving skills, 2. clients problems, feelings, or symptoms that led to counsling are reduced or elimenated 3. client has developed coping strategies and has a better understanding of self and others
when is one time that cousnelor resistance could occur
it may occur when termination brings about the end of a learning experience for a counselor
what could happen when a client storms away and the counselor's proffessional self concept is threatened.
counslor resistance
a counslor may choose to undergo counseling for counselor resistance if he/she has a history of what?
isolation, excessice fear of intimacy, or detachment.
Johari window
1st square: known to self, known to others - area of free activity. 2cd square - known to others not known to self - blind area, blind to self, seen by others. 3rd square - not known to others, known to self - avoided or hidden area. 4th square - not known to others, not known to self - area of unknown activity.

Want- over therapy for square one to become largest, and 4 to be smallest