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what is communism?
an economic and political theory developed in mid-to-late 1800s
who was communism developed by?
karl marx, a german philosopher
what did karl marx believe?
he thought that power and money should be spread equally among all people. thought that humans should learn to put the society before themselves. to do this you would need to kill all the rich and powerful. "individuals should contribute to society according to their abilities and recieve from the society according to their needs"
what is socialism? how does it relate to communism?
socialism is a type of politicla system where society owns property and businesses instead of individuals.
communism is the most extreme form of socialism.
what is capitalism?
opposite of socialism (what we have). ECONOMICAL (not political) system where individuals run things.
what is the AMERICAN economic system?
what are some government programs we have that are more socialistic?
social security, public utilities like electric companies.
our political system is..
ruling class vs masses?
ruling class were rich people, factory owners, large landholders, aristocrats, kings & queens, etc
masses were poor people, simple workers, farmers
marx thought that history was a ...
to create communism, their needed to be equal sharing of power, which called for the rich to give away their money, which they woudlnt want to do. what needed to happen?
the masses to rise up and revolt violently against the ruling class and seize their power by force
what was marx against? why?
organized religion/belief in God
thought it distracted people from task on earth (to revolt against powerful). he said "religion is the opiate of the masses"
why did all of this bother us americans?
we believed in freedom of relgion, speech, etc.
all which communism opposed
how long did the cold war last?
50s 60s 70s 80s
what was the cold war?
intense rivalry between the USSR and america. it was called the "cold" war because it was more cold threats and cruelty rather than battles, and direct warfare.
what does USSR stand for?
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (soviet union)
what is an arms race? space race?
arms race - contest to see who could develop best weapons and army first
space race - contest to be first explore space
was there ever actual fighting in the cold war?
yes. confined wars in distant parts of world. korea, vietnam, afghanistan
west vs east?
west was usa and our allies.
east was ussr and their allies.
what is an ideology?
basic belief or theory about government & society
what was the wests IDEOLOGY?
the easts?
wests was capitalism. east was communism
what to capitalists think about economy? communists?
capitalists believe in supply and demand and that it shold determine prices and types of stuff for sale.
communists believe in a planned economy where the gov decides how much and what
what did the comm vs cap believe about running the government? (political)
comm thought should be an "elite" group of people that controlled until will of the people took over
caps thought there should be leaders elected by the peopel
why did the west feel like they couldnt ignore communism?
they challenged our values of freedoms.
communism only worked if the entire world abided by it. it would spread to us.
the cold war began as soon as the ___________ ended
what happened to germany after the war/
it was divided into east and west germany. (east was ussr, west was usa, gb, and f). berlin was split by the berlin wall. east berlin & west berlin. west was usa, gb, f. east was ussr. berlin was in east germany though.
where did the ussr set up "puppet governments"? what were the called?
SATELLITE. poland, hungary, etc. called this because space satellites orbit larger bodies in space, a satellite nation is controlled by a bigger one.
what did winston churchill say about the whole deal?
he said that "an IRON CURTAIN has descended across the continent"/ thought the ussr was trying to erect an "impenetrable barrier" against freedom and make everyone convert to comm.
what is NATO?
north atlantic treaty organization
what is the warsaw pact?
eastern europe and ussr signed it.
what was sputnik?
ussr launched this space satellite. the usa was shocked
what are icbms?
what was the cuban missile crisis?
the ussr tried to put nuclear bombs in cuba so they could reach the usa. we got freaked out
what is the idea of MAD?
mutual assured destruction. both sides had so many bombs and rockets that if one side started bombing the other the attacking sides nuclear firepower would be left and wipe IT off the face of the planet too.
what is radioactive "FALL-OUT" and nuclear winter?
nuclear winter - atmospheric disturbances might reduce the amouint of sunlight reaching the earth, which could produce a global change of climate
domino theory?
usa was involved in all comm wars because thought if comm one then it would spread to more countries and eventually threaten us
joseph mccarthy? mccarthyism?
joseph mccarthy said he knew all the poeopl who were REDS in america. these were unfair accusations. it was because everyone was so paranoid. this behavior was called mccarthyism
when did the cold war end? why?
1991 when the ussr broke down. there werent enough people WITHIN the ussr that supported communism which made the leaders finalyl make reforms. berlin wall came down yay :)