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The 3 "P's" of public speaking are?
Preparation - Practice - Presentation
The four purposes of speeches are?
To Inform - To persuade - To entertain - To Stimulate
Four things the introduction of a speech should accomplish.
1. Secure attention for the speaker and his subject.
2. Secure goodwill for the speaker and his subject.
3. Suggest the speech purpose
4. Prepare the audience for the subject.
The goals of the conclusion of a speech are:
- Wrap up the speech so that it reminds the audience of what you said.
- To hit home so that the audience will remember your words and consider your appeal.
A speech to stimulate should reinforce existing attitudes.
The central idea of a speech to reinforce attitudes is usually a statement of belief that you and all or most of your audience accept, and a speech that will develop by praising or blaming. The most useful forms of support for speeches of this nature are anecdotes and quotations.
If your speech goal calls for a total change in audience attitude you should consider...
-rewording it - omitting refutations and - using your most impressive evidence
The three major types of outlines are:
key word - sentence - topic
The two types of evidences in speeches are:
objective-based on fact and subjecive-based on opinion
In public speaking, the best place to start looking for supporting material is...
in your experiences
Using statistics...
-Only with verifiable reliability
-Use recent statistics
-Do not over-use
-Statistics to do carry proof.
Your success in informing or persuading an audience is likely to depend on their attitude toward you.
Characteristics of Credibility
Competence- Your knowledge and experience
Intention- Honorable motvies
Character- Refers to a person's mental and ethical Traits. We believe a person whom we perceive as honest
Personality- Refers to a person's behavior and emotions. In short...the impression a person makes on us.
The 5 main parts of a speech outline are:
Specific Goal - Thesis Statement - Introduction - Body - Conclusion