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Differences between selective exposure, recall and attention.
A.Exposure to things that confirm existing beliefs
B. choosing what you want 2 rememebr
C. Attend things that will be enjoyable/fulfill needs.
the 6 Influences on Perception
Implicit personality theory, self-fulfilling prophecy, perceptual accentuation, primary-recency, consitency, attribution.
1. Similarity Rule
2. Temporal Rule
3. Proximity Rule
4. Contrast Rule
1. perceive things that are alike.
2. " " people who are often together
3. " " messages uttered in succession.
4. " " when items are different, they don't belong.
mental templates and structures
Halo Effect and Reverse Halo Effect
If you know of good qualities in a person, you see only good.

If you know bad qualities in a person, you see no good in them.
Primacy = 1st thing said exerts the most influence
Recency = Last thing " " " "
Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
Prediction that comes true because you thought it would.
5 Stages of Listening
Receiving, Understading, Remembering, Evaluating and Responding
Empathy and Sympathy Diff.
-Sympathy = Sadness/Sorrow for a person.
-Empathy = Feeling all of a person's feelings.
Responding to a speaker that does not ask for the speaking role.
Functions of Language
-Affiliation, Attraction and Interest
Characteristics of Language
It is symbolic, subjective, denotative and connotatvie meanings,and rule governed.
Connotative and Denotative Language diff.
Conn - Emotional Meaning from speakers/listeners.
Deno - Literal Meaning by members of a culture.
Sexist, Gender Neutral and Gender Free Language.
Sexist- puts ppl down because of gender
Neutral - Generic "Man" (Mankind)
Free- No ref. to gender
Words/Phrases that give inoffencive name to something that could be potentially offencive.