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According to Neil Postman, by the time you are 20, you are likely to have seen about _________ commercials.
According to Larson, the phrase, "ethnic cleansing" is an example of...
Who defines rhetoric as "the faculty of observing in any given case, the available means of persuasion?
Which author discusses the theory of identification?
Kenneth Burke
What does Bennett invoke when he says "Do unto others as they themselves would have done unto them"
the platinum rule
According to Larson, which author is associated with an epistemic approach to persuasion?
Robert Scott
Which authors are associated with
"invitational rhetoric"?
Foss and Griffin
What does your text define as "warning people of potentially damaging information or persuasive attempts that will probably happen in the future?
According to Richard Weaver, "science" and "progress" are examples of...
God terms
Which element is NOT one of Packard's "eight compelling needs"?
financial stability
According to Dan Hahn, water metaphors
elicit both positive and negative connotations
What class of words does Weaver consider "words of judgment"?
What concepts does Suzanne Langer develop in her approach to language?
concepts and conceptions
Which category of proof is best defined as evidence based on rationality and logic?
Where does Charles Larson teach?
Northern Illinois University