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What are some Ways of Knowing?
1. tradition
2. authority
3. intuition/logic
4. expirence/ observation
What is Plantonic Idealism?
A method of arguing it out.

Your not collecting data

" You see what you want to see"
What is Baconian Empiricism?
" You see it to believe it"
What are some problems with Ways of Knowing?
1. illogical reasoning
2. Inaccurate observation
3. Overgeneralization
4. Selective Observation
What are some characteristics of Science?
1. Scientific Research
2. Science is "objective"
3. Science is empirical
4. Science is systematic and cumulative
What is "Scientific Research"?
It is open to the public and you can argue and replicate study
What is Science is "objective"?
It is unbiast. There are rules, standards and procedures.
What is science is "empirical"?
Conscious and deliberate observations.

No overgenerilazation
What is the purpose of Research?
1. Exploration
2. Description
3. Causal/ Functional Explanation
4. Understanding
5. Prediction
What is Cross Sectional
A study based on observation representing a single point in time
What is longitudinal?
A stuydy involving the collection of data at different points in time.
What is a trend?
Studying changes within general population over time.
What is cohort?
A study in which some specific group is tudied over time although datea may be collected from different members in each set of observations.
what is a panel?
Examine the same people each time.
What are the steps of induction?
Observation to generalization to theories
What are the steps to deduction?
Theories to hypothesis to observation.