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What is used to transmit special-intelligence communications?
Tactical Intelligence subsystem (TACINTEL)
What systems supports the exchange of Over-the-Horizon Targeting (OTH-T) information between shore and fleet-based computer systems that support
Navy cruise missile operations?
The TADIXS satellite link network operates in a
half-duplex manner at a data rate of what in a permanently assigned time slot of a uhf DAMA channel?
2400 bps
The uhf DAMA subsystem was developed to multiplex several baseband systems or users on one what kHz satellite channel?
determines the range between the user terminal and the satellite to set the transmitter synchronization
required for timing?
Ranging Time Slot
Slot is used to evaluate the
performance of the satellite link?
Link Test Slot
FLTSATCOM satellite can relay
communications on how many separate uhf channels?
10 are 25-kHz channels
12 are 5-kHz
one is a 500-kHz channel
FEP operates at ehf frequencies of approximately
XX-GHz on the down-link and XX-GHz on the up-link.
20 GHZ
44 GHz
new generation Satellite to provide a survivable communications capability to the NCA and it will provide sufficient communications support for both strategic and tactical missions.
terminal processes and converts 70-MHz signals to X-band (shf) transmitted signals. It also converts received signals from X-band to 70 MHz
transceiver provides an
eight-circuit, full-duplex data operation or, as an
alternative, six full-duplex data circuits and two
FM audio or tone-group circuits.
It enables ships to receive
Fleet Satellite Broadcast.
The SSR-1 provides what type of modualtion?
FM or PSK modulation
SSR-1 receiver accepts rf signals between what, with a modulation bandwidth of what?
240 MHz and 340 MHz
25 kHz.
What processor is used in the CUDIXS, NAVMACS, SSIXS, and TACINTEL subsystems?