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What type of equipment is used to convert coded transmissions from the modualted signal back to original inteligence?
Terminal equipment such as AN/UCC-l, AN/URA-17, and CV-
What is the Frequency band of EHF?
30-300 GHZ
What is the Frequency band of SHF?
3-30 GHZ
What is the Frequency band of UHF?
300Mhz to 3 GHZ
What is the Frequency band of VHF?
30-300 Mhz
What is the Frequency band of HF?
3-30 Mhz
Commercial Broadcast band covers what frequencies?
500-1700 KHZ.
What band is used in the Navy for long range communications?
What band is used by the Navy for Mobile, navigation, Repeat operation, Amphiphous and Special operations, Short LOS, and SATCOM.
Band used extensively for Line of Sight Communications?
Microwave coomunications used extensively for terrestrial, and satellite relay links, radar, and special operations?
What is the range of Voice Frequency?
110-3,000 Hz
What is the range of Audio Frequency Spectrum?
10-20,000 Hz
What is the process of combining audio freq and radio freq signals so that the amplitude of the RF waves vary at audio freq rate?
What is the process in which the freq of the carrier is made to vary and signal remains constant in amplitude and changes in freq?