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Message Credibility
Surrounding the message with the trappings of credibility so that, if it reaches people, it will be accepted. ex: endorsements
condensational symbols
symbols that evoke broad categories of meaning accompanied by strong emotions
Message Framing
delivering the message in setting and with story suggestions to journalists who accentuate the prominence of the message inside the news frame
referential symbols
symbols that convey narrow meaning with little emotion
disguise actual political circumstances with realistic representations designed to create politically useful images.
Message Composition
composing a simple theme or message for the audience to use in thinking about the matter at hand
political symbols
symbols offer politicians strategic choices about how to engage the popular imagination in any political situation
Message Salience
Saturating communications channels with the message so that it will become more conspicuous than competing messages
political symbols - psychological effects
the cognitive effect= responsible for the basic meaning of a symbolic message

affective effect= engages our emotions, or affect by triggering a feeling about the message
Dayton Daily News 1
Issue: Nuclear weapons plant closing
Action: info packet create discusion
cons: toured plant
Dayton Daily News 2
Issue: Air Force Base closing
action: made blueprints, and took ideas from the community, stimulate public discussion
cons: won award
Akron Beacon Journal
Issue: Rodney king and L.A riots, racial tensions
action: yearlong study and articles hosting discussion
cons: pulitzer, learn what people actually learn in newsroom
San Jose Mercury News
Issue: restrictions on affirmative action in California prop. 209
Action: asked community to attend debates, wrote discussion guide laying out all the choices
cons: not good, too many opinions no right answer
Orange County Register
Issue: Ted koeppel refused to cover rep. party convention
action: paper covered it, help citezens understand political issues instead of horse race coverage
cons: good
Colorado Springs Gazette
Issue: Misleading wording of a tax legislature
action: frame story differently, more viewpoints
cons: opened lid on discussion, more minority viewpoints