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what are the elements of communication?
skills, sensitivity, knowledge, commitment, ethics
what kind of guidelines are honesty and respect?
ethical guidelines
what is group synergy?
when the group performs better than expected
What does "communication is transactional" mean?
1)communicators influence one another
2) communicators simultaneously send and receive
what does competition in general encourage?
cheating and dishonesty
What are implicit norms?
rules that are indirectly indicated by uniformities in the behavior and expressed attitudes of group members
what is group polarization?
the tendency for a group to make a decision that is more extreme than the intial prefrences of the group members
how can a group leader be effective?
be flexible in their communication w/ group members
what is negative synergy?
when group members produce a worse result than expected
how do groups establish boundary control?
physical barriers, linguistic barriers, rules, roles
what is secondary tension?
stress and strain that occur within the group later in its development
what is primary tension?
the intial tension, jitters, and uneasiness one feels when first entering a group
what should a group do about a "social loafer"?
hold members accountable, boot the loafer, confront the loafer as a group, establish a group responsibility norm
how can you gain and maintain your audiences' attention?
silence, intensity, novelty, humor, startling stimuli
What are the four periodic phases of group development?
forming, storming, norming, performing
what is a small group?
3-10 people working together towards a common goal
what are three guidelines for using visual aides?
1)large enough to be seen easily
2) don't circulate a visual aide
3)practice w/the visual aide
name and explain one type of group oral presentation.
panel discussions:small group of usually experts gathered to exchange information on a topic in front of an audience
what are two of the four communication strategies for group to use to command conformity from nonconforming members?
1) ostracism- ignore, exclude member, silient treatment
2) use seduction- what they are doing won't get them anywhere
three reasons why we join groups
1) have the same common goal
2) activities appeal to them
3) the need to belong to something
the three elements that define all systems
interconnectedness of parts,
influence of size, ability to adapt
groups shouldn't ever close off communication
communication is appropriate if it conforms to the rules of the group
status in the group is usually more important to women than men
harsh hazing rituals cause people to be less loyal
you don't need a purpose statement for a presentation, those are only used in papers
what is interpersonal attraction?
we are drawn to those experiencing similar emotions to our own
what are the four periodic phases of group development?
forming, storming, norming, performing
what is secondary tension?
the stress/strain that occur within the group later in its development
what are good ways to gain/maintain your audience's attention?
humor, novelty, startlin stiumuli, intensity, silence