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wylac przed kims swoje zale //
to tell someone everything about your thoughts, feelings, especially because you feel very unhappy.
to pour out

He poured out all his troubles to Laura.
ulegac, ustepowac //
to change your attitude and become less strict or cruel
to relent

Her parents finally relented and allowed her to go
skakac sobie do gard³a //
to fight and argue
to be at each other's throats

He's her brother, but they're always at each other's throats.
wyrazac, przekazywac //

to express what you think or feel; to communicate something.
to convey

His tone conveyed an unmistakable warning.
paplac, gadac //

to talk continuously about unimportant things
to natter

She's been nattering on about the wedding for weeks.
wyjsc z depresji //

to stop being sad or upset and make yourself feel better
to snap out of

She's been depressed for days. I wish she'd snap out of it.
zapadac w //

to go into a particular state
to lapse into

She lapsed into silence/sleep/a coma.
argumentowac, dowodzic, ze //

to give reasons that support your opinion about sth.
to argue

He argued against buying a new computer.
romans //

a sexual relationship between two people who are not married to each other.

She's having an affair with her boss.
powiedzieæ coœ niezrozumiale //

to say sth so quickly that people cannot hear you or understand you properly
to gabble

Just calm down, stop gabbling, and tell me what has happened.
skinac na kogos

to make a signal to someone with your hand to show that you want them to come towards you.
to beckon

She beckoned at the child , who came running.
zwierzyc sie

to tell someone you trust about personal things that you do not want other people to know.
to confide

She's the only person I can confide to.
byc wscieklym

to be extremely angry.
to hit the roof

Dad hit the roof when I got home.
wypaplac, wygadac sie.

to say sth suddenly and without thinking because you are nervous or excited.
to blurt out

We didn't want to tell Mum but Ann blurted the whole thing out.
wtracac sie

to interrupt a conversation.
to butt in

Stop butting in!

to make people have a particular feeling or make a situation start to exist

Her latest book has engendered a lot of controversy.
The minister's speech did not engender confidence in his judgment.